Ascended Master Message For October 9, 2014 ~ Chi Seong Li

This message was first received on April 8, 2014 but is just as relevant, if not more so, today.

~ Love, Rain

Lady Master Chi Seong Li,
Mentor of the young and twin flame of Paul the Venetian,
has these words for you ~

Card Theme: Learn With Grace

With delicacy I walk, and with a gentle touch my hand alights on the bowed head of the child, bent with diligence and concentration on its work, entranced by the skills that have been locked within, waiting to be discovered.

The pride in each stroke formed with care and precision and the joy to be found from a  new thing understood fills my own heart and soul with delight, as I watch the veils between ignorance and bliss thin and become less real.

And the lessons never cease; the learning never stops.

Young; old; diligent; contrary ~ all of humanity attend the classroom of Life, to follow those lessons set them by their own souls. Each has their own way of learning; their own way of doing. And some lessons are hard; some easy.

Yet know that to TRY is to succeed, so feel my hand supporting you now, as you too work to reveal more of your True Self and Nature, which is the beautiful heart of all that you are.

Source: Inner Light-Workers

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