On Being Centered and… Crop Circles!

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Centered/Centering ~ You’ve probably heard the expression “grounded, balanced, and centered.” We will discuss all three of these words in our Primer. For now ~ what does it mean to be centered?

Basically, being centered means that your focus is centered inside your body and on the present moment. In other words, your awareness and your attention are focused on your body and your Being and what you are doing right now. It also means that your energies are centered and focused; not diffuse or scattered. Being centered means you have taken responsibility for your own energies and also released any energies that are not yours.

Expressions like, “Pull yourself together,” and “Get your shit together,” are really about centering. Your center is your place of power ~ where you experience supreme self-awareness and confidence, knowing who you are.

Many would say that we are centered in the third chakra or abdomen as our place of power and knowing and also as the point closest to the center of our bodies. However, it’s important to remember that Humanity is moving toward a heart-centered existence, and at some point you will find that it is in your Heart or heart chakra that you feel most centered and powerful. Being centered in the Heart tempers your Power with Love and Wisdom.

Expressions like, “Follow your Heart,” and “Listen to your Heart,” and “I just know, in my Heart,” are really about being Heart-centered.

Being centered is about gathering your forces into your center ~ reclaiming and owning your energy, your power, and everything that you are. Centering brings you closer to your True Self and allows you to operate from a place of pure intentions. Centering helps develop your intuition.

Centering allows us to be more focused and less distracted. It brings us back from flights of fancy, lower vibrational emotional states, and dysfunctional mental states. Centering is a good way to deal with fear, panic, anxiety, and a chattery monkey mind. It makes us more realistic and poised ~ confident and able to embrace whatever might happen. It makes us more effective at everything we are doing, from communicating to co-creating. Being centered allows us to go with the flow instead of fighting the current ~ it brings us closer to Unity Consciousness.

It is when you are centered that you can connect and communicate best with others ~ from a place of Love, integrity, honesty, and wholeness. Don’t confuse being centered with a sense of separation, that is not what being centered is about.

How do we get centered? It starts with breathing. Whenever you feel as if you are not centered or are about to take off on an emotional or mental sidetrip, BREATHE. Stop and breathe. If something is important for you to deal with, it will still be important ten seconds or ten minutes from now. Calm down, regroup, reassess and get centered.

Below are two videos about centering. You can find more information and videos about centering and how to get centered online.

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Crop Circles ~ Crop circles have been appearing in fields for a long time. Some crop circles are made by Humans and some are made by Galactic Beings on starships. Why would Galactic Beings on starships create crop circles? To communicate, to help raise the vibration of Humanity through the excitement created by revealing their presence, to transfer/ground energy, and for fun. There is a wealth of information on crop circles available on the internet, including videos of people sharing their interpretations of what specific crop circles mean.

More information ~

Crop Circle Connector

Crop Circles Explained

How Crop Circles and Sacred Sites Influence Human Consciousness

How Crop Circles Work

These discussions will be added to our FAQ. Look for them and more here: https://thebridgetofreedom.org/faq-primer-resource-center/

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