Ascended Master Message For October 4, 2014 ~ Lord Ling

Lord Ling ~ Bearer of the Gold Flame of Joy and Awakening has this message for you ~

Card Theme: HAVE JOY ~ BE JOY

In Joy

In many lifetimes I have been a strong leader or strong teacher, and sought then to lead and teach using the full force of my wisdom and power. I quickly understood the necessity of having balanced judgement, and that power must be tempered with wisdom to avoid the traps of ego and separatism. But it took me many lifetimes to understand and appreciate the sense of rightness that softness, compassion, love, and joy brings to one’s work and path.

The truly wise and gifted teacher and leader knows that without an open and loving heart he is neither leader nor teacher. And each of you is teacher and leader as you help and support those around you as they find their way in the world. To learn and to follow requires complete trust and to support others fully you must be strong yet open, with your heart laid bare for all to see the truth and beauty that lies within. You must be compassionate and giving, wise and strong, yet serve your path lightly with humility, grace, and joy. For your joy will shine through and illuminate every word and every action so that all who see you may recognize the truth and determination within you and they then may choose what aspects of your Way they wish to make a part of their own lives.

I love my path and walking it fills me with constant joy and contentment. Upon it I know that I have come home, as every atom of my Being resonates with its rightness and completeness. And that too is what I wish for you ~ to feel and know joy and contentment and to use your heart and the light of humor to see your path clearly, so you too may feel all that you do resonate deep within your soul.

Text Source: Inner Light-Workers

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