On Patience: Allowing things to Unfold without Expectation

It has been said that patience is a virtue, one which admittedly I tend to struggle with at times.

I have come to the point in my journey in which I realize that I cannot control circumstances, and I am doing my best from moment to moment to go with the flow and let life unfold.  I understand that I need to just let life happen, because it will blossom in just the right manner.  However, at times I place expectations on how or when I think things should occur.  This too is another means of control that I, and we,  have to let go of.  Impatience kills the joy of the present moment.  How can you live in the now, if you are consistently waiting for the next?

Patience must be extended not only to situations, but also to people.  We cannot expect people to be on the same page we are all the time, to react in the same manner we would, or to view a situation with the same outlook.  Everyone is doing the best they can given their circumstances, and many times we do not see the full scope of what other individuals are dealing with.  So we must approach others more delicately, with patience and love — instead of expectation and judgment.

Living life without expectation of how circumstances should turn out, and without a constant sense of urgency brings about a certain sense of serenity.  I am not saying not to have goals or ideas about how you would like things to be, but to let these ideas be fluid.  The more we release expectation, the more we are surprised and delighted by the wondrous things that unfurl, and when struggles do occur — we will meet them with less resistance. Now we able to stay centered in the storms of life, keep our heads and our hearts in the right place, and move through situations with much more ease.

Practice patience in your daily life with situations and people, and you will find that your stress level will greatly decrease, your sense of inner peace will grow greater, and you will be able to experience more joy moment to moment.


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