Pure energetic alignments

Pure energetic alignments have been incoming and being absorbed  into your physicality at remarkably high rates that will continue for some time ahead.  Your bodies are transmuting theses pure energies into pure white light..  This is what you may term as  { Heavy Duty Energy Work}.   You each are doing exceptionally well and we are so proud of you and love you so much.  As a collective you each have accomplished in your individual missions in your assignments and as groups in uplifting humanity out of darkness and back into the light.

When your bodies have absorbed all the energy it can take at one time, you will become fatigued and feel the need nourish your bodies and rest.  Pamper yourself and do that which your body is guiding and telling you what it needs. Listen to it, trusting it and do as it is guiding you to do. Know that it is aware of when it needs to be nourished and recharged.  It will never lead you wrong.  Your bodies are your individual, living, biological ship that you have complete control of.  As a living biological ship, it needs to be loved, nourished and rested to help you sail through the energies much smoother.  The newer energies coming in will be much smoother and rejuvenating.  This is the calm after the storm as some would say.   Your body alone can affect another being in such profound of ways.  As this energy we are working with is source energy, it is invisible to the naked eye.  Your emotions, thoughts and actions affect those beings that are  around you in conscious and unconscious ways which can be observed. By watching how others react, you will start to see an outward change in yourself and others..  When you shift to a fully conscious beings, you may become able to start seeing energy around you.  You will hear high pitched ringing in your ears. Some will feel air pressure changes in their ears, dizziness, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. Migraine headaches are frequently complained of.  Know that all of these are your ascension symptoms and that you will be fine.  Just pamper yourself.  You have just completed a huge movement of energy and this is your bodies way of forcing you to rest.   If You are still concerned, notify your doctor.

I Bless All of Your Hearts! Be love, live love and show love and light up your ships for smooth sailing ahead.  We love and adore you from the ascended realms of the 5th dimensions and above.


In love & Light, Ascended Master Rhiannon Yellow Star

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