On Ascended Masters and Awakening


Ascended Master ~ An Ascended Master is a Being who has achieved what Humanity is striving for now – ascension to existing in a higher dimension from a lower dimension. All Ascended Masters mastered their lower bodies (emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual), fully integrated all of their aspects and their I AM presence, and achieved such a high level of consciousness that they transcended to the Fifth Dimension or another higher dimension from a lower dimension. Some well known Ascended Masters are Jesus, St. Germain, Lady Nada, and Quan Yin but there are many, many more. Some Masters ascended on Earth and some ascended on other planets.

We have recently learned from The Galactic Brotherhood/Sisterhood of Light that there are an average of ten Human Beings on Earth who carry an aspect of each Ascended Master represented here. For example, there are currently five to ten men on this planet who are an aspect of St. Germain. There are some Masters who have as many as 20 aspects in Humans here on the planet. You can find a lot of information on Ascended Masters by searching The Bridge to Freedom site and The Golden Age of Aquarius site (where our older posts can be found).

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Awakening ~ People usually use the term “Awakening” to describe the moment when they awoke to the Truth or fact that they are Eternal, Multi-dimensional Beings and Unique Sparks of The One Divine Flame incarnated in physical bodies. Of course, when people say, “When I Woke Up,” each person’s story is different and the Truths that they awoke to will differ. Everybody has an Awakening Story and each one is different. An Awakening Story might be about discovering that one is on a mission, or that there is no such thing as death, or that one is from another planet, or that one has experienced past lives.

There are different levels of Awakening. Sometimes people first wake up to the fact that we have been living in an illusion or that a lot of things people refer to as Conspiracy Theories are actually true and then have a Spiritual Awakening after that. Sometimes it’s the reverse. The order in which people awaken to various Truths varies. Everybody follows a different path as they find that awakening to or uncovering one Higher Truth leads them to another.

Even after awakening to basic Higher Truths, we continue to experience Awakenings and there is always a Higher State of Being or Consciousness or Awareness that can be reached. For example, after awakening to the fact that you are here on a mission, you may fall into a belief system that you firmly support and espouse, only to awaken later on, having realized that what you’ve been promoting is in fact not based in Truth. While an experience like that might seem discouraging, it’s actually pretty typical and valuable because it means that you have reached a higher level of Awareness and Consciousness and are making progress on your path.

Your discernment is probably your greatest tool on your Path of Awakenings. However, remember that you may be guided into certain experiences or beliefs so that you can learn from them before you awaken from them. Explore the path ~ this is how you find your way!

To read Rain’s Awakening Story, click on this link ~ It’s My Awakening Birthday!

These descriptions will be added to our ABC’s ~ look for them and more here: thebridgetofreedom.org/faq-primer-resource-center

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