On Abundance and Awareness

Life is Good

Abundance ~ To live in Abundance is our natural state. In Reality there is no lack and all Beings have everything they need to thrive. That also goes for our existence in the matrix or illusion. We all have everything we need to thrive. Some people only experience a lack of abundance because they have chosen to, to learn from that experience. Others mistakenly perceive that they lack abundance because they feel they do not have everything they desire or as a result of some fear that has created a block to The Flow of Abundance.  Abundance is not about money; it’s about the flow of the Golden Energy of Love. The fact is that everything is Energy and there is always an abundance of Energy available to all.

The Bridge to Freedom Crew continues to be involved in a Flow of Abundance Project that is largely about dissolving blocks to The Flow of Abundance. For example, one block that Humanity is experiencing is understanding that The Flow of Abundance involves the ability of each of us to Give and Receive. It can be no other way; everyone must be open to both giving and receiving for the energy that is Abundance to flow freely. As more and more people let go of old paradigm thoughts and beliefs about money, they move into an “abundance consciousness” where they find that they really do have everything they need and more.

Gratitude is key to The Flow of Abundance. To understand and feel the joy of Abundance, become aware of and grateful for all the blessings in your life. Abundance is Love appearing as the beautiful Souls we call our friends, the green trees in front of your house, and the birds singing in front of your window. Abundance is blessings in the form of opportunities, unity, spirituality, information (light), freedom, free will, choices, experience, wisdom, flowers, music, art, animals, and so much more.

Clear your mind...

Awareness ~ Awareness is similar to consciousness but has more to do with how aware you are of what is really going on around you as well as who and what you really are. Some people are operating at higher levels of Awareness and some at lower. This is not a judgment or a “good” or “bad” thing, it’s just that all Humans Beings are operating at a unique level of awareness. Our level of awareness can change at any time and will continue to change throughout our journey.

Awareness goes hand in hand with Balance. The more balanced you are, the greater your Awareness. People often work together, based on soul level agreements, to help each other reach new states of balance and awareness. For example, someone may be knocked off balance by their reaction to or feelings about an event such as an argument or a person who challenges them, etc. Then, they work their way into a renewed state of Balance at a higher level of Awareness, having learned from their experience.

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These descriptions will be added to our ABC’s ~ look for them and more here: thebridgetofreedom.org/faq-primer-resource-center

~ Love, Rain and Eddie

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