Surrendering the Control Freak

I have just recently become aware of what a formidable challenge LETTING GO has been for me, and continues to be for many.  Hopefully by sharing my experience I can ease someones struggle a bit.  However, I do realize that this is very much an individual experience.

There are many things on our journey that we have to learn to let go of — to surrender, and allow the highest good to unfold.  Among the things that I have surrendered are; fear, pain from the past, and insecurities — just to name a few.  However, it was not until VERY recently that I discovered what continued to hold me back, and not allow me to feel fully present in the moment at times.

This factor I discovered, or more aptly had pointed out to me, was my almost constant desire to be in control.

This has not been an urge to control others per se — but rather to feel in control of all aspects of my life.  Which, I had never really contemplated, is IMPOSSIBLE.

This need to control my life had left me  brittle.  Now, the time has come to be much like a tree — whose branches blow freely in the wind, but do not break, because they know how to bend. They are flexible, and go with the FLOW.

The realization that I too could have this freedom hadn’t really hit me until recently — and when it FINALLY did I felt; refreshed, light, and FREE!

Life is unpredictable much of the time and to control any ( much less EVERY) aspect of it is futile.

So, I surrender!  I let go of my need to feel in control.  I know that all will work out for the highest good.  Life will unfold just as it should, perfectly.  As for the unpredictability, well therein lies the magic, the surprises.   Things may not turn out exactly as I have planned, but that is what makes the journey worthy and exciting.  NOW, I am ready, wherever life may lead.


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