Can You Hear Me Major Tom?

So, just sitting here in a reflective mood, I  noticed that the theme to my life is everything behind the scenes.  As a kid I loved spy things, things that were hidden, and then later exposed for what or who they really were.
And, when I was a bit older I remember a teacher telling us all about  “reading between the lines.”.   I remember that this idea intrigued me, and it also came to me quite naturally, where others around me could not quite grasp it.
I think that you could say this that reading between the lines is the actual theme of my life.
And when you think about it, you could say this could be a running theme for all of us who are on the path towards the Light.  Many, tho not all of us have had to deal with a lot of dishonesty, lack of integrity, and growing up into our Light Selves, we have also had to learn a lot about discernment
Discernment too has a lot to do with both reading between the lines and therefore seeing clearly what is behind the scenes as well.
When I was small, I lived around people who were abusive towards themselves and others.  So from a very young age I had to learn how to read, before I learned how to read.  Even before I knew what reading between the lines meant, I was reading between the line.  Awesome lesson to learn, though things like this are not usually learned under the coziest of circumstances.
I had to learn how to read the other people around me so that I could stay out of the negative energy these people exerted.  I learned through trial and error, and had to learn Fast too!
All of us in this reality when you think about it are reading between the lines.  Considering the fact that we only see with 1% of the whole spectrum of light, you can betcha that we are always living our lives Multidimensionally!
When you look at all of us that way, there is no question that we are all feeling our way through this, and I’d say this is a pretty incredible feat!
And then, after this happening, a lot of us will still put ourselves down when we do not accomplish something in the way we expected.  I see all of us in this reality.  We are all trying to make it to something, whatever it is, and its kind of being on the starship enterprise at moch speed, all the while dodging meteors.  Crazy? Like Definitely

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