There were Rats and Cats and Elephants…

rats and elephantsThis week has been the most amped up week thus far in mine, and in many others, lives, energetically speaking.
It felt like the roller coaster took another turn, but this time went down a whole new piece of track at an most accelerated speed!
Ha, I’m glad I had my tools as a seatbelt, cause I found that I needed far more use of them this week because of these energies too.  It felt like I had a lot more to deal with than usual, and a lot if other people around me said much the same thing…
So,  I was declared legally blind in one eye in recent years, ( the other eye is perfectly fine in compensating)
One bonus of this is that I am beginning to see very interesting visions, colours, and images in it, that the other eye just cannot see.
One experience of this happened the other day.  I was sitting in the dark, when I saw that something gray was moving towards me, and as I kept looking, it morphed into a herd of elephants, running very excitedly towards me.  Then I saw tiger running towards me as well, in the same manner.  When I told a dear relative who practices Native Tradition about my visions before, she asked me if I ever tried to speak to the visions or images.  It had never even occurred to me to do this before, but this time I decided that I would.  When I  asked who they were I felt/ heard:
“It is your people.   Today we speak about peace.  Peace is the foundation for the New Reality.  Henceforth all shadow beings must show commanded respect to all Beings of the Light.
Failure to do so will disallow them to venture into this Reality.  The anger that most people show in the reality you all currently find yourselves in is just a reflection of an old way of being.  It is now being released fully.  Your son ( who has a lot of anger issues) is one of the ones presently releasing anger, and your Love and compassion and that of others around him are managing this transmutating task very well indeed.
Transmutation must take many forms in this reality for all are individuals and all possibilities must be faceted.
A diamond shows its facets in this way, and so as your High Diamond Hearts begin and continue to align with the new energies, your Diamond facets will lead you gradually into the Higher levels of your own Light.”

Later when I looked up elephant, I found a Beautiful write up on it here:

And when I looked up tiger, this is what I found here:

Since then, I have been seeing elephants everywhere, & you wouldn’t think that kind of thing could happen in Canada, lol!
I feel that elephant, with its sense of compassion and community could perhaps even be the mascot representation for the new Reality.  Elephant is the biggest land animal, is the most compassionate animal, and sets the best example of community there could be.  We could all stand to learn so much from this amazing and much revered animal…

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