Love is Absent of Judgement and Sees Beauty in All Things

  As we, as individuals, and moreover as a collective transform and move forward in our spiritual path, or life journey — it is important to pause for a moment and consider the topic of judgement.

    The Dalai  Lama said, “Love is the absence of Judgement.” 

    One important item to consider, is that this is not a competition.  We are not here to develop a “spiritual arrogance” or a “holier-than-thou attitude”,  nor to prove to others how much more “enlightened” or further along the path we are.  We are all on different journeys, and at different levels of growth.  Everyone has their own unique piece to add to the collective puzzle, and every piece is beautiful, and perfectly sculpted.

   Another important aspect of this topic, is to with-hold judging ourselves.   Let go of the guilt and anger you may feel for perceived mistakes you may have made in you journey.  You have always done your best given your circumstances — and you have learned in such a way to propel you forward, both NOW and in the days to come.   Many of us compare ourselves to others, and this too is casting judgment upon ourselves.  When you try to mold yourself in the image of someone else, you are doing a disservice to the unique and glorious being that is YOU.  

  Of course there will be those that you approach that you disagree with, or may even choose not to be around.  That is your discernment.  However, when you use that as ammunition to seat yourself as superior to that person, you are actually hindering yourself.  Look for the beauty in EVERYONE.  Even those that you choose to separate yourself from are beautiful, rare, unique souls on this journey we call life.  You do not have to give these individuals your energy, but at least leave them with your respect, love, and best wishes.  

   Try this, as you approach people in your day to day life.  Look for the beauty in everyone — not the faults.  Most individuals are well aware of what they feel are their flaws, and far less people see their true beauty.  Be a mirror for these individuals — to show them most beautiful aspects of themselves.  Sometimes this is as simple as a smile — or a passing compliment.    The smallest acts can have the biggest impact on someone, so choose to react positively.

         So much love to each and every one of you gorgeous souls.  I hope that this moment is a blessing for you.

             32606_618892678138964_275274280_nMuch Love Always,

                                                                                         ❤ Amanda ❤



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