I’ve Got My Cruise Control

IntuitionWhat is intuition? Intuition is our own truth, or connecting with that aspect of ourselves which Knows its own Truth.
Internally we are all equipped with a sort of alert system which directs us , much like a cruise control, through this blackboard/(whiteboard?) concrete jungle school of life.
Becoming attuned to this alert system is a discipline of being brutally honest with yourself in all potential conflict situations, in the most understanding and unconditional way you can.
This in itself can sometimes be a challenge.
As you become more honest and transparent with yourself, this system actually becomes cleaner and stronger, with very clear directions as to the what, where, and when’s of our inner Self in relation to others we encounter on a daily basis.
The why’s and who’s of the equation are much of the time left up to Source, and are given to us through synchronistic events and situations.
Synchronistic events happen when you are perfectly centered and plugged in to Source Energy.
The more you work to be aware, honest, and to trust in the cruise control of Source Energy, the more often they will occur.
Intuition is acted upon through looking at a potential conflict situation and holding it up internally to your alert system.
Do you hear bells, hear voices nudging, or see colours in your minds eye? It might be something else too, but it is there if you keep looking. You have to be very quiet and still inside to feel into it, but it is always there, 100% of the time, 24/7.
It will be something that alerts you in some way that you have turned off your cruise control, and are therefore, no longer centered within yourself.
If you keep checking in often, eventually you will be aware as to exactly what is happening, and can then turn your cruise control back on when you notice, right away.
Sometimes people live their whole lives just a little bit “off from the middle” because of one experience which threw them off at some point, and therefore spend the rest of their lives searching for the elusive “something” ,which is really just a puzzle piece of their very own puzzle which they themselves created.
Catching up with the you which is really You can sometimes feel like a race that no one else can see you running, but may very well be the biggest race that’s happening on the planet today! With deadlines and schedules to keep up with, it can be very challenging to keep going inside and checking on a moment to moment basis, but it can be achieved and worked in to schedules and lives.
With practice it eventually becomes second nature, and you become your own Truth all ways and eventually in All Ways.
Becoming transparent eventually becomes a lifestyle choice in which all of your choices actually match up and align with Source energy without even trying..
Many people think this means losing their identity in some way, but this could be farther from the truth than they realize.
Losing the parts of you that you didn’t really want in the first place isn’t really losing anything.
Living your life in the Highest and Best interest for you and everyone involved in your life will be your tradeoff.
To me, it sounds like an all around getting First Place, with a prize, dedication and banquet kinda win.
That doesn’t sound too bad, now does it?

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