Welcome To The Machine

So, a few days ago I was at home sick, and sitting upright in bed. I put my head back and closed my eyes, and started breathing in through my nose and out through my mouth forcefully because of my tummy. I think because I was sick, I was already in a trance state, because next thing I knew, the following happened:
Gradually I relaxed my breathing, and then the room started to fill with a pink, blue, and purple mist. A few minutes later this hum started, around me, and then it moved to the inside of my body, radiating outwards and filling my aura. I began to hear someone speaking, in a very authoritative voice, but it was very muffled. I tried to make out some words here and there, but could not at all. The speaking was also inside of me and filling my body and my aura too. I kind of felt like a machine in a way, and the experience made me think of the song “Welcome to the Machine” by Pink Floyd. I thought, welcome to the machine huh? And then thought, hmm…wonder what this is about? Then the hum increased to a buzz. A strong pulse vibration started vibrating throughout my whole body, aura, and the room, and I could still hear the talking too.
For a second, I became scared, but I remembered the pink, blue, and violet flame energy which was now around the fringes of my room. I started to call it in, and it began pouring itself into and around my body.
I kept consistently doing this for at least 5 minutes, and then began to hear the voice slowing down considerably, much like a cassette tape that has started jamming. Haha, remember that?
I kept it up, and then the voice and machine completely slowed down, stopped, and then collapsed! I thought, I wonder if this is a premonition of the collapse of the “Machine” that this reality supports? I certainly hope So!! I’ve had visions that feel quite real, but never have I had a physical experience like this one before! This is definitely a first!!

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