Ascended Master Message For August 27, 2014 ~ Sananda (Jesus)

~ Butterfly Has A Message For You ~

Sananda (Jesus) ~ Divine Master of the Cosmic Light Command ~ has this message for you

Card Theme: Release

Sit awhile and be with me.

Know that I am here and take this time to breathe in my essence and allow me to release you from some of your burdens. Acknowledge what you are carrying that no longer serves you, package it up, and simply hand it to me.

See, I lift if to my lips and with a gentle puff of my breath it is gone. The package simply evaporates and in its place sits a beautiful butterfly! It sits awhile, stretches out its wings which are painted with the most incredible rainbow palette of colours, then gently lifts off, and flies away into the sunlight. Your troubles are transformed into a thing of beauty and gentleness.

All things are capable of this transformation, for all are perfection and beauty in the eyes of God. What greater gift can you give yourself than freedom from burdens that weigh you down and the opportunity to live a life full of love and peace? And know that by giving that gift to yourself, so too you give the gift to others – and then all are blessed!

Imagine now the Light that shines within you spreading throughout all your sisters and brothers on Earth. Then see it radiate out into space, touching all the stars, planets and galaxies as it spreads until the entire Universe is a huge glowing sphere of light, pulsing with love, harmony and Oneness. And this is the wonderful plan of which you are all a part!

Go with my love always.

Source: Inner Light-Workers

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