Being Your Own Best Friend

Things are changing really quickly now.  Life as you know it, has become a huge billboard, and everywhere you go, there you are.  Never can you escape You.  You are always lurking around the corner of your own mystery, and often have a hard time to solve your own mystery, which is You.  Figuring out You is the biggest lesson in the School of Earth.  You are the Most important person in your life, and being your own best friend is a most wonderful gift you can give yourself each and every day.  There are things we do for others, we listen to our family members or partners.  We wipe noses, give Hugs, and do all sorts of things for the others in our life to help make them happy.
  Why can’t we do great things for ourselves too?
  Holding ourselves way up there as a Best friend empowers and nutures us, and actually in the end, helps the planet too.  Each day, I have learned through much trial and error, that  a smudge, writing, and thanking Creator keeps me balanced, happy and feeling Groovy!    When we decide to Love ourselves, we stop hurting other people;  we turn our backs on negativity, and drama, and this allows for the Golden energy of Source to flow deeply and strongly through our High Hearts.  That in turn cleans up all of our issues, which will eventually evolve into higher and higher issues, and before we know it, all the Sisters (and Brothers) will be doin’ it  for themselves! 
Things are changing in a way that’s never happened before.  People, merely by being in this reality, and seeing world conflict and negativity, are actually being assisted by that very same conflict and negativity, to go inside for their own answers.  After that who knows?  I have a feeling we are all destined for Greatness…

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