Talk With The Animals

This is a follow-up to my post Power Animals Oracle Card Reading.

I have been receiving messages from so many animals I can hardly keep up with them ~ cricket, turtle, grasshopper, dove, dragonfly, bunny, dog, cat, toad, moth, butterfly, ladybug ~ all animals all the time. It’s a joy to talk to the animals and I am thrilled!

Spirit Space ~ Animal Totems, Elements, and Whatnot

I’ve also been collecting “animal totems” and adding them to the Spirit Space in my bedroom. I can feel them with me all the time now and I am honored to have these spirits share my space.

~ Dove Has A Message For You ~

I’ve been working on images for the messages I’ve received although I am a little behind on that. I can hardly keep up with all my animal messengers. If you haven’t seen the latest messages, you can view them here, in my Flickr set:

 I decided to do another Power Animal Oracle Card reading and again I asked Animal Spirits what messages they have for Humanity in this moment.

As I said in a recent oracle post ~

As you know by now, we are all about Balance. And the Ascended Master most closely associated with Balance is Lady Portia.

According to Inner Light-Workers (, Portia “embodies Divine Justice through Divine Opportunity and so is also known as the Goddess of Justice and the Goddess of Opportunity. It is she that is characterised holding the scales of justice above buildings such as London’s Old Bailey. “Justice” is to be found at the balance point of thought and feeling, and so together with the hierarchs of Libra (whose sign of the zodiac is of course the set of scales) her role is to teach humanity to attain balance of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies through the attributes of the 4 elements of earth, water, air and fire.”

We’ve been talking a lot about the four elements and balancing our four lower bodies and so I began doing card readings using the four directions as they correspond to the elements, starting with West and moving clockwise (these correspondences apply in the northern hemisphere).

In this reading, West represents the emotional body (Water), North is the physical body (Earth), East is the mental body (Air), and South represents the spiritual body (Fire). In the center is a card for Spirit, and this represents a summary and information about the spiritual journey ~ it ties the other cards together.

Power Animals Oracle ~ August 23

 Raven appears in the Emotional Body. This image shows you what Raven has to say ~

~ Raven Has A Message For You ~

Raven Additional Associations: Shadow, Insight

Possum appears in the Physical Body. Possum says:

Don’t get attached to one and only one plan. Always have a Plan B, or at least a few other approaches to the subject of your inquiry. Too often you’ll find yourself stuck with an agenda about how things should be or how you should act in a given situation, whether or not the plan you’re acting on is one that will work. Try something new if your first approach doesn’t work.

So instead of turning left, turn right. Listen closely to your inner promptings here. You’ll find clues as to what to do all around you and inside you if you just pay attention. It may not be obvious at first, but by opening your eyes, ears, and senses, you’ll find some delightfully ingenious ways of approaching this situation so that the outcome will be in your favor and in alignment with the will of spirit.

Additional Associations: Agility and Stability

Koala appears in the Mental Body. Koala tells us:

“It seems that a lot of folks use lots of words, many more than are really needed. It’s rather narrow to consider communication to always be about words. You can fill the air with words, and sometimes even use them to cloud deeper sentiments and feelings. Talking so much can take away from the elegant pleasures inherent in stillness. As the old adage goes: “Be still and know I AM!” Talk less and you’ll find immense opportunities to not only listen, but to really hear. Even though it might sound strange, you can even hear silence.

Get to know others in a different way. Ask simple questions, then tune in not only to the words they say, but more important, to the subtle body language with which they express the words. You’ll pick up nuances of feelings and meaning, some that even the speaker isn’t aware of. Listen closely as you walk through the woods. You can hear the sound of your heartbeat and breathing, the songs of birds, and the whispery crunch as various critters make their way through the forest. Make it a point today to speak as few times as possible, and only when absolutely necessary. Instead, use your ears, eyes, and physical senses as a conduit for a more profound connection with and understanding of the world around you.

Additional Associations: Rest and Detoxification


Dragonfly appears in the Spiritual Body. Dragonfly says: 

You are a master of illusion, particularly in the guises you wear for others. This is a gift that was born in the travails of your childhood, an adaptation that once served you well. These masks do serve a purpose because you can be whoever you need to be in any situation. Yet it can also be easy to fool yourself into thinking that any of these personas are the real you. The truth is that you don’t need to rely on these false personas anymore! On occasion they will come in handy, but at this point it’s time to let the “you” of who you are show up in all your varied expressions and manifestations.

One of the more popular ruses you run on yourself is pretending you don’t know the truth. In other words, you play dumb, hoping that because others like to feel superior, you can indulge them in this way. Yet inwardly you can be smug and secretly indulge in your own illusion of superiority. Once you acknowledge the truth, then you’ll know what to do. And by that acknowledgement and acceptance, you accept the truth of who you are.

Additional Associations: Mirage, Deception

Big Eyes

Frog appears in the center of our spread and says:

It’s time to clear out and clean up. Look for any messy areas in your life, and tackle them one at a time. Don’t try to do it all at once or you’ll be overwhelmed. Start with one corner of the room, one area of your desk, your kitchen, or your closet and dedicate a couple of hours to sorting and sifting. Recycle and give away as much as you can. Believe it or not, this process can be one of the most spiritual experiences you’ll ever have.

Another area to clear out is your body. Drink lots of water for the next few days, and if possible, do a detoxification diet. See how you feel when you do it. Another clean-up job is mental. Abstain from television and newspapers for a while, and as much as possible, avoid negativity in yourself and others who tend to be negative. Clear out and clean up your spiritual practice as well. Do whatever works that helps you feel closer to God, whether it’s prayer, meditation, or a walk in the forest. It’s simple.

Additional Associations: Rhythm and Sensitivity

So, what does all this mean for us at this moment? Well the first thing I would note is that it is a balanced reading in the sense that we have one bird, one insect, one amphibian, and two marsupials. Or, two land animals, two flying animals and one animal that is comfortable in both water and on the land. I would note that water is an important part of dragonfly’s life as well, since they spend a large part of their lives submerged. Both frogs and dragonflies go through significant metamorphoses on their way to adulthood and water and air play a big part in their journey. And marsupials finish developing after their birth, having been born in a fetal state. Interesting! You might want to feel out more about what types of animals appear in this reading and think about what it means to you. Only you know what animal spirit is saying to you at any given moment, after all.

I also feel this reading is about transformation. All of these animals are like butterflies, in a way. As stated above, these animals are born in a state that is completely different than their adult state. This applies to Raven as well, if you consider that an egg and a hatchling bear little resemblance to an adult bird. They certainly have to go through a lot of growth and change before they can fly. That is us, on our spiritual journey. We certainly have to go through a lot of growth and change before we can fly.

Now back to balance and our spirit animal messages… Raven, in the Emotional Body is telling us to own our power and use our “magical” abilities to serve. Raven says, “So stop doubting, worrying, or making excuses, and own your capacity to be a powerful magician. Use these gifts to help make this a better world for all things.”

In other words, if you are still living in an emotional landscape, let go of the fear that is keeping you there and own your power. Use that power to pull yourself out of your emotional state or states and balance your Emotional Body. Master thyself, Master Magician! Raven does not waste energy on drama and neither should you. Fly above the fray and, “Use your abilities to demonstrate to others that there is this amazing power of Spirit available that can move mountains, a force that can be accessed with the proper mix of faith, intention, and focus.”

Possum, in the Physical Body, is saying that you may have to try something new if your physical body is not in balance. One thing we know for sure is that this journey and this mission are all about change. We are co-creating a new paradigm here! A new world! Everything is changing, especially us. So if you are feeling out of balance physically, make some changes. Change your diet. Change your exercise habits. Adjust your sleeping schedule. Learn to heal yourself. Step out of your box! Embrace change.

As possum says, “So instead of turning left, turn right. Listen to your inner promptings here.” Possum is right, your body will always tell you what is best for it. All you have to do is listen.

Koala, in the Mental Body, is telling us to listen more and talk less. However, this is not just about empathy ~ it’s about quieting the monkey chatter in your mind to help yourself achieve balance. If your Mental Body is unbalanced, it might be because your mind is never quiet ~ you have not mastered your thoughts. People who engage in nonstop chatter are unbalanced in the Mental Body. Like other cases of imbalance, this most likely stems from fear. On some level, we know that if we are still, we will have to face ourselves and work out our issues, and this can be scary.

A big part of this journey is learning to find the balance between your head and your Heart. To balance thinking and Feeling. Although we are moving to a focus on the Heart and Feeling, we do need to think. Nobody is suggesting you go about your life in a mindless fashion, never thinking about what you are doing. On the contrary, we want to be CONSCIOUS of all that we are doing. Be aware and be conscious but don’t get lost in mental traps and games. Mental constructs are not Real so break free of old thoughts and thought patterns. The first step to doing so is to observe stillness. As Possum says, “Be still and know I AM!”

Dragonfly, in the Spiritual Body, is saying to drop all the masks we picked up in the illusion and be ourselves. This is indeed the time to embrace your True Self, if you haven’t already. You can see that Wayshowers who are not being themselves are struggling right now. And it will only get more difficult if they continue to hang on to any masks or armor. As Dragonfly says, “The truth is that you don’t need to rely on these false personas anymore!”

Discover and embrace who you really are and reveal yourself to others. Say good-bye to fear and be vulnerable. Love yourself enough to be yourself and don’t be afraid of what others might think or say.

Finally, we have Frog as our Spirit card today. Purification. It’s synchronous that Frog is actually telling us to purify all four of our lower bodies. I don’t think messages get more clear than that ~ Frog is saying that what ties together everything I’ve discussed so far is Purification. Purification will help us move out of emotional landscapes, achieve balance in our physical bodies, quiet our minds, and discover and embrace our True Selves. As I’ve said before, Master Paul and his White Flame of Purification can help you a great deal in this process. Call on him for assistance if you like.

Purification will help you achieve balance which will assist you in your Transformation. Like the tadpole, the egg, the fetus, and the larva, you are transforming,  from Human to Hue~Man!

 rainbow warriors

~ Embrace the Rainbow, Warrior! ~

 Text and Cards: Power Animal Oracle Cards, Steven D. Farmer, 2005

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