Archangel Message for August 18, 2014 ~ Tzaphkiel

Colorful Gifts From The Cosmos

Card Theme ~ Know Your Self: Know All Things


I AM Guardian of the Veils of Illusion and Archangel of Enlightened Awareness and Cosmic Truths.

Look to me now… Simplicity in all its facets you see laid bare before you, and reflected in its Light you see my face: calm and at peace, content with all that I am. And thus, in simplicity and honesty, all is revealed.

You speak to me of the pains and joys of love, and of the sorrows and delights of living in the material world. But to dwell for too long upon pains or sorrows is to fight against the tide of Life; to risk becoming mired in your feelings and reactions, without resolution. So struggle not. Simply relax and go within. BE with the simple essence of your Self ~ your Soul, your Greater Spirit… for here, in this place you are ALL: without hold or compulsion; without need or necessity. Let all flow through you and around you.

Note it, if you must. Address it, if you must. But do not keep a hold upon what it brings. For all is energy, and all is Light, in a constant state of flux and transformation, metamorphosing from one state to another. Light which has neither end nor beginning; Light that is paradoxically both simple and complex; Light that is a living breathing entity, which carries the great gift of creation and dissolution; Light that is fabric of all that you are in this life that you have chosen; Light that is both fundamental energy and knowledge; Light that is eternally wise and All-knowing. And as you absorb this Light into the fabric of your Being, so may you use it. The potentialities of all that you seek to become are within your grasp. So stand firm; stand upright. Be sure and certain in the essence that is you. And as you find your centre, so find ALL, and know the truth of your Light.

Your life is what you choose to make of it. It is not about what others think you do or what possessions you have, but about how you have chosen to live; about who you know you are; and about your self-knowledge, self-belief, self-acceptance and self-love. True wisdom cannot be bought, but can only be won through an honest heart and open mind. The truly wise understands that the greatest of all riches is knowledge ~ knowledge of the Self and of all that is within and around you. May the riches of your heart shine forth to sparkle like a thousand gems upon your breast and crown you with the Light of the Divine, that all who see you know the truth of your Being.

Source: Inner Light-Workers

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