Ascended Master Message For August 15, 2014 ~ Pallas Athena

Clear your mind...

Lady Master Pallas Athena ~ Chohan of the 12th Ray of the New Age and Lord of Karma has this message for you ~

Card Theme: Clarity & Balance

I am recognised as a strong Being, but what is strength? Is it the firm true hand of a warrior in battle? Is it found in the struggle to conquer the demons of every day life and existence? Is it having the courage to stand up and be heard when you say things from your heart that others do not understand or cannot accept? It is all of these things ~ and none of them!

True strength comes from within. It is found in the heart, mind and soul. It comes from an inner knowing and conviction that bears you up even when times are testing. To be strong is to see and understand both sides of an event, using solely the rational mind to determine an outcome without being swayed by rhetoric or emotional reaction. It is being able to place yourself in another’s shoes without preconceptions or making biased judgments. It is being able to act in all situations as if you were God’s representative ~ as a wise, balanced, loving and compassionate counsellor.

And in order to be strong and cultivate these attributes, there is a need to cleanse and transform all negativity from your Lower bodies ~ the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. And then to bring all fields into balance ~ the logical and the intuitive; male and female; worldly and non-worldly ~ indeed all aspects of yourself that have two opposite poles. For only when you are clear and balanced in all aspects can you truly see with clarity and know the Truth.

And Truth is your clear connection to your Higher Self and also it is your doorway into the next dimensions, when you will have to live as a clear and balanced Being of Light. For only then can you perform your next task of co-creating and manifesting clearly and precisely within the Divine Light of Spirit.

Source: Inner Light-Workers

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