Lion’s Gate + SuperMoon + Meteor Shower = OH MY

march 27 44c

Welcome to an OH MY Moment ~ Lions and Moons and Meteors! We find ourselves in the middle of some amazing moments right now. If you aren’t feeling it, you might want to ask yourself what’s distracting you so much!

Today (August 10, 1:44 pm eastern time) the moon goes Super in Aquarius. We entered the Lion’s Gate on 8/8 and will be passing through this portal until about August 25th. And, the Persieds Meteor Shower, which runs annually from July 17 to August 24 will peak on August 12/13. (See below for more information on all of these events).

Naturally, a lot of people have been talking about these events. Here are some highlights ~

“The combination of celestial energies will birth emotional awakenings and realignments both inside and out. It will facilitate breaking out of stuck places, in many cases by smashing them with a sucker punch. Invite it in to those situations that have held you back, crawled to a halt or defied resolution. (Surely you’ve got one or two lying around?) The omens are favorable for shape-shifting out-of-balance financial agreements in particular and shattering limiting programming (Emotional Freedom Technique is one approach).” Source: 2014 Aquarius Full Moon, Kathy Biehl

THE FULL MOON on Sunday, August 10, integrates all of the aspects we’ve just been discussing — Sun conjunct Mercury, Uranus trine Sun/Mercury, Saturn square Sun/Mercury, and Chiron quincunx Sun/Mercury. And, of course, the Moon is part of the dance as well, opposing Sun/Mercury, sextile Uranus, square Saturn, and semi-sextile Chiron. Oh, and don’t forget Neptune trine Mars…” Source: Northpoint Astrology Journal, Pam Younghans

“On August 8th of your earthly time, many will experience the incoming energies, for the Lions Gate will indeed open and allow the energy to come through to all the light workers. As this occurs many of you will experience the expansion of your energy body, your physical body and your consciousness. Many of you will experience yourself becoming denser and heavier, and yet larger than life, at moments you will feel as if you are about to burst, worry NOT, for what you will be experiencing is a collection of energies that you are then to anchor into GAIA on August 25th.” Source: The Hathors – Lion’s Gate Portal August 8th & 25th – THEME MAGIC – EXPANSION OF CONSCIOUSNESS, Anna Merkaba

“Freedom, equality, balance, tranquility, resurrection, remembrance, antiquity, emotional release of pain and suffering, and understanding the stubble energies of unconditional love shall become the primary guiding posts for your earthly selves in the days to come.” Source: THE HATHORS – LIONS GATE – SUPER MOON  AUGUST 9/10, Anna Merkaba

“Be the one you have been waiting for, because you are the one you have been waiting for.  Not some magician who comes in to magically shift this Earth for you, it is you that has the responsibility of your own Magical kingdom and shift.  And because you have the power and the inner wisdom to do so, it is important to allow the current energies and inner shifts to unfold and to let all the rest go and be.  This is priority now: to hold that space and honor the Grace from within.”
Source: Lion’s Gate ~ Diamond Light Grid ~ Current energies by Méline Portia Lafont

“August 2014 is all about change, change is echoing in the chambers of our souls.  Following the direction of the heart takes a tough dedicated spiritually strong person. Choices of the heart are never easy. This year has been a time of metamorphosis. (The hard way the easy way and every which way.)  We have been stripped down to our barely human essentials.  Standing in front of the Light, we bare our souls.” Source: 8:8 Solar Power, Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

With everything that’s going on right now, naturally I would ask: what does all this mean for me? Or you?

Well for one thing, with Moon in Aquarius opposing Sun in Leo, this gives us a fantastic opportunity to balance our Emotional and Spiritual Bodies. If it feels like there is too much going on for you, I would focus on that. I feel this is going to be a huge moment for a lot of people, because so many are unbalanced in the Emotional Body. Experiencing extreme emotional states can become addictive because such states cause changes in the body. And people who have been in the Matrix/Program/Illusion for a long time have been prompted to experience extreme emotions over and over. The Cabal wanted you unbalanced and emotional so they could use that energy. Let’s face it, the Cabal LOVES Drama and Drama Queens.

If you are unbalanced in your Emotional Body (in the sense of being too emotional) this will greatly impact your energy. It will be scattered, chaotic, and unfocused. You will most likely be walking around with a lot of emotional debris in your field. Some of it is yours and some of it is stuff you have picked up from other people. People in this state usually remain so until somebody else comes along and transmutes their stuff. This is often preceded by some type of emotional outburst. Bottom Line: It’s not enjoyable for anybody except the Drama Queen who feeds on this sort of experience. And it’s a cycle that repeats over and over. If you are a Lightworker who is unbalanced in the Emotional Body, this is your chance to make a quantum leap and end this state of Being once and for all.

Think about it ~ you will be helping all of Humanity if you decide to do this. Of course, this also means you will be helping yourself because you cannot move forward, reaching higher states of consciousness and awareness and entering Unity Consciousness and Serenity, if you are emotionally unbalanced. If you are emotionally unbalanced, you might think you are working for the Light but you’re actually feeding the matrix.

What else is happening in this Moment? I feel strongly that it is about aligning completely with Source. When we are properly aligned with Source Energy, we can tap into the unlimited energy that is available to us, thereby amplifying and expanding ourselves and all that we are doing with our own energy. Getting aligned with Source involves intention and focus but it is not difficult. Intend to align, ask for assistance, and pursue a closer relationship with The Great Spirit/Creator. Also make sure that you are not trafficking in negative energy in any way and that you are grounded, centered, and balanced. This amazing video will help as well.

I also feel that this moment is about becoming our Authentic Selves. If we want to come through the Lion’s Gate and arrive in a new place, we must let go of anything that is not Real. No more mask or armor, not even a tiny piece. Everything that you’ve picked up here in the illusion since you were born must be dropped at the gate.

 lion 1b

This is probably a good time to talk about The Lion, since we are in The Lion’s Gate. Lion represents many things but chief among them is Courage. It takes courage to be vulnerable and to be your authentic self. Be the Lion. Be LionHearted. Have the Heart of a Lion. Remember, we are all One and that means you are The Lion. We can all embody the best qualities of Lion if we choose. Just choose.

This video shares the original song that would later become “The Lion Sleeps Tonight.” The Zulu chorus “Uyimbube” means “You are a lion.” More: Wikipedia.

So just remember ~ YOU ARE A LION and this is your time to ROAR! You have the courage and everything else you need to drop or release anything that you might have been hanging on to and then proceed through the Lion’s Gate. You can come out on the other side of this portal as a changed Being ~ a powerful Love Being with a new sense of Serenity who is making the grid shine a little bit brighter and stronger.

Here is what some of our other Crew Members had to say about the Lion’s Gate Energies ~

Coco: I’m getting more familiar with my own ebb and flow. I’m more intuitive and less interested in following what other people have to say about what’s going on.

Suzannah: Lots of good stuff is coming!

Meg: It’s like a buffet spread out before me but there is also a voice saying, “Eat whatever you want but keep it balanced.”

Debbie: Transformation and accepting who I really am. I’m able to connect faster and easier.

Michelle: Experiencing clarity of joy.

griffin 1b

BE THE LION ~ Love, Rain

♥       ♥       ♥       ♥       ♥       ♥       ♥       

10– The closest lunar perigee of 2014 occurs, with the Moon 356,896 kilometres distant at 17:44 UT.

10- The Closest Full Moon of the year & “Super” Moon (2 of 3) for 2014 occurs, with Full Moon occurring just 27 minutes after perigee.


  • August 10Full Moon. The Moon will be directly opposite the Earth from the Sun and will be fully illuminated as seen from Earth. This phase occurs at 18:09 UTC. This full moon was known by early Native American tribes as the Full Sturgeon Moon because the large sturgeon fish of the Great Lakes and other major lakes were more easily caught at this time of year. This moon has also been known as the Green Corn Moon and the Grain Moon. This is also the closest and largest full Moon of the year, an annual event that has come to be known as a “supermoon” by the media. The truth is that it is only slightly larger and brighter than normal and most people are not really able to tell the difference.
  • August 12, 13Perseids Meteor Shower. The Perseids is one of the best meteor showers to observe, producing up to 60 meteors per hour at its peak. It is produced by comet Swift-Tuttle, which was discovered in 1862. The Perseids are famous for producing a large number of bright meteors. The shower runs annually from July 17 to August 24. It peaks this year on the night of August 12 and the morning of August 13. The waning gibbous moon will block out some of the meteors this year, but the Perseids are so bright and numerous that it should still be a good show. Best viewing will be from a dark location after midnight. Meteors will radiate from the constellation Perseus, but can appear anywhere in the sky.Source:

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