Archangel Message for August 6, 2014


Card Theme: Sweet Surrender


I am Jochara, the Lady Victory, twin flame and Unified Aspect of Ratziel.

I see you sometimes struggling to come to terms with events in your life, or wrestling with the day to day difficulties or problems that “being human” seems to entail. As embodied humanity, in your quest to learn, you have been shown and experienced much, yet you so often forget that you have the power to create the world you truly desire. In your pain and in your ignorance you endure all that you see, feel or experience, often thinking it as being the concern of fault of others and not of yourself, and therefore outside of your control.

I see too those times when you surrender and give away your power to others, to authority figures or to those that take without thought or feeling, disempowering you and making you weak. Yet you have and own great Power. And you can use that power simply by surrendering ~ not to others but to God and to the Divine within you ~ the Light of your own True Self that is held always and fully within the totality of your Being. Know this: one person alone has the power to change much, simply through addressing that which is always within their control: their Self. Each adjustment, each change of view or manner of living is like a pebble dropping into a great pond, for its effects spread outwards through the Universe and changes its nature for ever.

If you your Self have such great Power, think then of the power and potentials that many with the same aims and desires have to alter your world for the better! So take control. Centre, focus and go within. Be at One with yourself and all that is about you. Ask yourself what it is that you want ~ that you truly desire. What is it that holds you back, or prevents you from gaining this? Look not to outer influences, but within. Examine your mind; your thoughts; your emotions. Look deeply into your heart. For change, if you truly wish for it, is always possible. It is time to remember how to fly; how to use your wings of Light to soar the skies, lifting to the peaks above, or swooping to master with ease every twist and turn of the valleys below. For you ARE a Master, and it is time to remember this now and work with me to restore yourself to the truth of your magnificent Being.

So call to me now to help you surrender to the Highest Aspect of your Being and conquer all that holds you back, that you may once again learn the nature of wholeness and completeness; of Unity and Oneness. Let me come to you and teach you the true and glorious meaning of surrender; about control of the Light and Power that you hold within, and thence of victory over the forces of doubt and negativity. Hear me as I guide the notes and harmonies of the Universe to bring every aspect of your Self into strength and balance ~ every fibre of all that you are; every atom, every cell, every glorious particle of Light, which makes you as you are, perfect and complete.

Source: Inner Light-Workers

5 thoughts on “Archangel Message for August 6, 2014”

      1. Me too rain, it made me cry both times I read it… Yep! It’s ALL good… and it’s WAY good! 😉 xoxoxo

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