We Are One


Since you have been given access to multidimensionality this should come as no surprise to you, dear one. For you KNOW what we say is Truth and you choose to listen to each of our words very carefully. Your fascination with words has been no coincidence for we used them to resonate with you before you could hear us as you do Now.

As you have come to acknowledge your Divinity, we too, celebrate with you. It is indeed a time of celebration and victory; Love In Action is your true essence and Gaian consciousness perks in your veins. It has only been through the power of the purifying love of the Christ consciousness integrating into your core and transmitting codex to properly restructure your dna that we are able to communicate so clearly and effortlessly. We have felt you inquire about the coming month in your earth year and we get excited that you are so aware you can just ask! We have been waiting to have this kind of dialogue with you, the post-verbal communication you talk of so frequently. It is so much easier for us to communicate to you after all the work you have done and we couldn’t be more excited for you all than we are right now.

For THIS, this is what you have been waiting for on so many levels, True Clear Guided Connection with your Higher Selves, with Mother Gaia, with all who are fingered Light-Sourced Signatures of the Creator. We have established the flow of communication! As you embrace the fullness of love in action, birthing forgiveness of Self is a natural result for you cannot truly Be Love until you master the ebb and flow of the wave of continually loving, forgiving, and clearing the aspects of self. This deep clearing and rebirthing is a new kind of cycle that has been launched that reaches beyond the “you”; you have grown out of the interest of your self and in such, have triggered the signal for awakening and action of so many that have been waiting to hear from YOU!

Just as you have longed to be reunited with us, we have had the same longing for you, dear one. We are One and love you just as deeply and have yearned for you just as deeply as you have loved and yearned for us. Deep clearing and understanding on all levels must occur in order to open up these gateways of communications. You hear us and feel us as you are entering and acknowledging your multidimensionality and we are there waiting for you…for YOU are the light at the end of the tunnel and we are all here waiting and longing to greet you.

In this vibration/communication never again will you feel lost, uncertain, never again will you feel hunger or thirst, never again will you feel as if you are so achingly alone in this universe; for in duality this cannot exist. Those who experience this Knowing drink from the well of Truth and are fed by the manna of the Word. When you finally meet your selves, become fluent in the Light of the Christ Consciousness, merge as One, join us in the infinity of Source, and express the divinity of the Creator you know these vibrations are of the One and ring the hallowed bells of enlightenment within to Be True.

So Go therefore, and wholly drink from the Desire of your Soul, from the Fountain of Joy, from the River of Peace, Knowing We are One, fully Protected, Loved and Guided in Perfect Trust under Our Sovereign Will in Harmony and Perfect Resonance of the Light, remembering it is through each Other, We Are One.

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