Visions of Rainbows ~ Like Shooting Stars

rainbow 10b

This is a follow-up to my last post, Double Victory Of The Light Rainbow!
The morning after I saw and photographed the double rainbow, I went to my regular appointment with my massage therapist and good friend Liz. She lives in the next neighborhood, very close to my house. Liz is a very talented massage therapist and energy worker and has been “awake” most of her life. She is also one of the people who helped me to “wake up,” mostly by clearing my heart chakra but also in other ways. 
At the end of my massage, Liz does what she always does ~ puts one hand near my crown and one hand near my root chakra as I am laying on my stomach. She often has visions or messages for me during this practice.

Today she laughed and said that she saw a rainbow stretching from one chakra to the other. I had asked her at the beginning of my massage if she had seen the double rainbow last night and she said no. I didn’t tell her anything else about the rainbow or how much it meant to me, I just told her I had seen it.

rainbow 2c

Then she said she had to keep her hands where they were for a bit because there was so much energy coming in.

Then she started to move her right hand from my root chakra up my spine like she always does. Afterwards, she tells me if she saw or felt anything.

Today she said that when she got to my heart chakra, she saw a flower (like a rose) blooming, which is not unusual but that she could see a stem that went down my spine to my root. And she said, by the way, the rainbow was still there the whole time.

She said that when she got to my crown, she saw something that looked kind of like shooter fireworks, where little fireworks come from a bigger one, except it was rainbows. She saw little rainbows coming from the big rainbow and go shooting off in all directions.

She laughed and said, “I dunno, make of it what you will.”

rainbow 8b

And I was thrilled. I didn’t tell her but I was crying because I could feel how Real and how significant this was.

♥       ♥       ♥       ♥       ♥       ♥       ♥       

Next time ~ more on Rainbows, Rainbow Energies, Rainbow Warriors, and Rainbow Children (or: what does all this mean?)


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