Super Lunar StarGate

Moon July 11, 2014, 5

Welcome to the Supermoon and the July Portal, AKA: The Super Lunar StarGate!

According to Sandra Walter,

Our July gateway is July 4 -14. You may feel it arriving as this wave hits the Sun. Gaia is about to adjust to the amplification of Divine HUmans on her surface; the June revelations and embodiments of this new level of light have greatly amplified the HUman heart grid. Blessings upon everyone exploring all that is available on a personal level, and taking on these embodiments with grace. July brings expansion of what was revealed last month, and it is anticipated to be a bit more intense, in a good way. Always in a good way. Take advantage of these waves as they dissolve the personal and planetary boundaries on our perception.

The more HUmans fully realizing their personal ascension into higher states of Christed consciousness, the brighter the HUman grid becomes. It is our unification with the crystalline grid and our Higher Levels; the bringing Heaven to Earth scenario. We have a tremendous affect on the collective consciousness. As the Noosphere reflects this to Gaia, she will adjust accordingly. All is well.

Source:  July Gateway: Deeper Revelations and Realizations

During this July Gateway, there is also a Supermoon, occurring on July 12 at 7:25 am eastern. A Supermoon occurs when a full moon is closest to Earth in its orbital path.

There is more information on the Supermoon and its astrological implications at the bottom of this post (sources included).

The moon is in Capricorn while the Sun is in Cancer. This gives us opportunities to balance our Physical and Emotional Bodies. Since the energies from this type of celestial event start arriving several days in advance, this may explain why you have seen some drama and emotional outbursts around you. If you have been feeling like overwhelming emotions are rising to the surface so forcefully that you can feel changes in your body, this is actually a good thing. The only way to achieve a a new state of Balance at a higher level of Awareness is to get knocked off balance and then move back into balance.

This happens to everybody on their journey. It’s how we grow spiritually. We are here to embrace such challenges. We are also here to exercise Free Will, so it is always up to you how you will handle situations like feeling overwhelmed by emotions. Will you sail through the storm with Grace, going within to find Peace, or will you lash out and throw your emotional energy at other people?

We are here to re-learn Mastery. We are re-learning and remembering what it’s like to be Ascended Masters. So Master thyself, Master. Embrace the challenge and find your way to Serenity! You are never lost and you are never alone. You are surrounded by Love and all of Creation wishes to assist you, so ask for help and look for the well-lit path.

As Pam Younghans states:

WHAT I FIND most intriguing about this lunation, however, is the stellium of planets in Libra — Mars, Ceres, Vesta and the North Node are all within one degree of each other, they are all squaring the Sun and the Moon, and they are all opposing Eris. In other words, we have a mini Cardinal Grand Cross. (Mini because the Moon moves so quickly, it is only in effect for hours instead of weeks.)

To me, that group of planets in Libra is meant to rule the day, primarily because they are aligned with the North Node, which represents our collective path of spiritual growth. We are all working on new ways of being in relationship, with ourselves and with others. We are all working to create balance and harmony in our lives. We are all learning how to cooperate with others while still valuing our own sensitivities and needs — and never selling ourselves out.

Libra is the scales, after all. The scales are meant to be in balance, not weighted too far in either direction. Each of us is coming back to center, some from over-dependence on the approval of others, and some from the declaration that support from others is not needed.”

Source: NorthPoint Astrology Journal

I feel strongly that this SuperMoon portal is also about the rapid dissolution of many of Humanity’s fantasies and illusions. As fantasies and illusions dissolve, people may react with strong emotions. However people choose to react, this is obviously another opportunity to achieve Balance at a Higher Level of Awareness. I say, “Go for the Brass Ring!” Or the Golden Ring…

Additionally, at this time, more and more people are entering Unity Consciousness and the Huemans who have been holding the grid are getting brighter and brighter. Lighter and Lighter. Here are some thoughts from other Crew Members of The Bridge To Freedom:

Eddie  ~ Intense clearing in Earth Family and social relationships followed by a deeper sense of connection and the strengthening of relationships.
Coco  ~ Arising dormant energies that we didn’t feel confident expressing before. And  a lot of people who are not resonating with their Earth Families will be looking to connect with their Soul Families. People who have already embraced their Soul Family will accomplish a lot this month.

Amanda ~  More vibrant, more uplifted, more balanced.

Rhonda ~ I feel this Portal is going to subconsciously calm everyone. Expansion. Recalibration of energies.


Moon July 11, 2014, 3

Happy Portal Hopping, Love Beans! Make your Quantum Leaps with Joy and an Open Heart! Accept the Love that surrounds you and allow it to help you fly above the storm. It truly is the wind beneath our wings.
~ Love, Rain

♥       ♥       ♥       ♥       ♥       ♥       ♥

More Awesome Info about this moment ~

On July 12, 2014, we have the first full moon after the June 21 solstice. Around this time of year, in North America, buck deer start growing antlers, thunder storms rage and farmers struggle to pile up hay in their barns. Thus, according to folklore, we call this full moon the Buck Moon, Thunder Moon or Hay Moon. The July 2014 full moon is also the first of three full-moon supermoons in 2014. Previously, we had two supermoons in January – on January 1 and 30 – but they were new-moon supermoons. The full moons on July 12, August 10 and September 9 all enjoy the supermoon designation because the centers of these full moons and the center of Earth are less than 361,863 kilometers (224,851 miles) apart. The closest supermoon of the year comes with the August 10 full moon, presenting a moon that’s only 356,896 kilometers (221,765 miles) from Earth.


“… the Full Moon on Saturday (at 4:24a PDT). As with all Full Moons, the Sun and Moon are in opposite signs, providing the light for us to see more clearly where we need better balance in our lives.

With the Sun in Cancer and the Moon in Capricorn at this Full Moon, we are asked to consider how we balance our home life and our careers, our equally valid needs for emotional security and outer accomplishment, and the desires to stay connected to the past but also focused on the goals that lead us forward.

Source: NorthPoint Astrology Journal

July 12- Mercury reaches its maximum elongation of 20.9 degrees west of the Sun, shining at magnitude +0.4 in the dawn.

July 12– The first Full Proxigean “Super” Moon (1 of 3) for 2014 occurs at 11:27 UT. The Moon reaches Full 21 hours prior to perigee.


A Full Moon occurs on Saturday, July 12th, 2014, at 7:25 AM EDT.

On Saturday morning, a Full Moon occurs with the Cancer Sun in opposition to the Moon in Capricorn. The Full Moon is a time of culmination and the promise of fulfillment of that which was started at the New Moon. It is an emotional time—a time of romance, fertilization, and relationships.The Cancer-Capricorn polarity concerns the balance between the private life, domesticity, the need for a home base, and nurturance (represented by Cancer) versus the public life, career, reputation, and accountability (represented by Capricorn). Attachments and love are ruled by Cancer, while achievements and rewards/punishments are ruled by Capricorn. In some ways, this polarity deals with the balance between unconditional love and conditional love. Cancer encourages us to value our home base and our roots, while Capricorn persuades us to consider our sense of duty and responsibility along public or professional lines. While Cancer may be content to be dependent, Capricorn urges us to be grown-up and responsible. Cancer represents the origin, and Capricorn represents the goal. Neglecting either end of the axis will surely backfire on us.

Ideally, a balance should be found between the two energies, and this is what the Full Moon invites us to do. This Full Moon is about balancing our commitment to our career and families. Something has been building inside of us, and now is the time when the energy of the cosmos fairly demands that we let it out. Over the next two weeks, we will discover what this means for us. For now, we can’t sit on our feelings. We need to express them.The Full Moon illuminates this conflict between roots and direction. With the Moon full and bright in the sky, symbolic “illumination” occurs in our own lives. However, these new feelings and revelations are emotional ones, as there is a sense of emotions bursting forth into our consciousness. It’s time to express ourselves, and to let things out of our systems. Of course, we might want to exercise some care while doing so, knowing that what is coming out of us is fresh, unrefined, and not particularly rational as yet.


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