July 12, 2014/ Meeting Notes

Today, during our meeting at 12 pm (noon) EST, we discussed several things; including the following:

-The introduction of The FAQ portion of the site that we are launching. This FAQ section is an ever-evolving living document… that will be continually growing and changing.  It’s purpose is to assist the newly awakened, or anyone for that matter, with questions about awakening/ ascension/ or spirituality — through building a firm foundation of basic concepts.

– We discussed the concept of shielding our energy — to which we deduced that the best way to shield energy is to constantly emit love, because it is infinite and all – powerful

– We again brought up taking responsibility for our energy.  Own your energy and make continual progress.

-We discussed that we are all here to develop spiritually and overcome challenges by continually choosing love.

-We discussed the roles that people play are crafted by the individual.  We are all part of the Divine Plan… and we all have free will.  It is imperative that we move past fear, and the illusion — it is time for everyone to step out of their boxes


Our next meeting will be Wednesday, July 16, at 2 pm EST — Hope to see YOU there!  ❤

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