Ascended Master Message for July 11, 2014

Life is like a mirror...

Anchor of the Feminine Ray on Earth,

has this message for you ~


I know myself to be special. Do you think that sounds selfish? Well, it is! Self~ish.

And you too are special. Do you not know that we the Masters and indeed God himself believe it to be so? Know this thing about yourself ~ you are a wonderful and magical child of God, who deserves every scrap of love and attention in the Universe.

And who deserves your love most of all? YOU DO! Give to yourself of time, attention, love and care and it will repay you tenfold. See yourself as loved and loving; for how can you love others if you do not truly love yourself? Watch your heart expand with the love, care, and healing of the bounty you give it. Then see those waves of love spill out and surround you, influencing and blessing each and every Being with whom you come into contact. See the ripples spread, even unto the boundaries of your towns, your countries, your planet and your Universe. And this is the only service required of you. For with a heart full of love for yourself and all other sentient life, your path is complete.

You may worry and ask yourself: “Where am I going? What am I supposed to be doing?” I will tell you a secret: the destination is not important; the path is not important ~ but the way in which you walk the path IS!

So walk with love always, with my heartfelt love and support.


Source: Inner Light-Workers


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