Animal Spirit Guides Have Messages For You!

~ Bear Has A Message For You ~

 Animals sometimes appear to give us important messages. They have valuable lessons and guidance for us.

Recently, while I was meditating, I had a vision of a bear. It was black and it was right in my face. LOL. Not in a bad way though; I mean its face was right in front of my face and it was roaring at me but I could not hear any sound. What I’m saying is that it was talking to me in its bearish way; nose to snout as it were. I know now that this visit was about my healing gifts and abilities manifesting in a more concrete way.

Just yesterday my friend Coco appeared to me while I was meditating and said, “Come on, I want to show you something about Bear Medicine.” Shortly after that Coco disappeared and I embarked on a truly intense and amazing experience involving some smoky grayish-black energy and then some green and violet energies. I felt that Master R and AA Ratziel were there as well as some other Beings. Then I was assisted to access a bunch of information on healing, both energetic and physical, such as subjects like repairing muscle tissue and increasing blood flow.

My encounter with Bear was truly unique and unusually significant but I’ve had lots of visions and encounters with animal spirits. For example, around the same time as I had the vision of Bear, I also communicated with a whale and a dolphin while I was meditating. I’ve also had lots of visits from animals who bring me messages in the physical, like rabbits, toads, crickets, birds, etc. And I know that sometimes I am getting messages from animal spirits when I am struck by an image or an animal represented in some other form like a toy or statue.

Unless you spend all your time at the zoo, you probably do not see many different animals in your daily life, so they will find other ways to connect with you. Be open to and aware of these messages from animal spirits and you will see them more and more.

~ Rabbit Has A Message For You ~

When an animal appears to you, whether in the physical or in some other form like a vision or even a photo or other type of representative form or image, you will know know if it is communicating something about your journey to you. Take note and discern for yourself what Animal Spirit is trying to tell you. You can find hints about animal messages online, in books, and in oracle cards, but remember that only you know what Animal Spirit is saying to you in any given moment.

Think about what the animal represents to you. Is it something like freedom or flying or even humor? What does the animal look like? What type of behavior does it typically exhibit? And most importantly, how is it different from all other animals? What makes it unique?

From Spirit Walk Ministry: Spirit Guide is a spirit that comes forth to guide you through the trials of your life and to help you to understand the lessons that these experiences are there to teach you.  Spirit Guides often represent archetypes of behavior for facing the challenges of life and they serve as paradigms of comportment for you to emulate in times of crisis.

Because Earth is vibrating at a much higher frequency now and because we are existing at higher and higher levels of consciousness, I feel we are all more aware of animal encounters and messages from animal spirits. We have better communication with animals now. I have more clear communication with my dogs and other animals in my life, like the birds and bunnies in my neighborhood. Animals, just like all other conscious beings, are part of our Unity Consciousness. We are all One.

~ Praying Mantis Has A Message For You ~

To celebrate our wonderful renewed connections with animals, I have created a new album on my Flickr account to share messages from Animal Spirit Guides. I am adding new photos as often as I can. Please check it out here: Spirit Guide Messages.

There are many sources of animal spirit information on the internet. Check them out too!

For More Information

Spirit Walk Ministry

Spirit Animals and Animal Totems

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