“Past Present Future” ~ Reading for June 17, 2014

Morgan reading 1

I am so excited to share this reading. I bought these oracle cards when I was at the Edgar Cayce Center in Virginia Beach last month. There must have been thirty or so oracle card decks for sale in the gift shop and naturally I wanted to buy ALL of them. I let my intuition be my guide, though, and this is one of the decks I bought: Morgan’s Tarot.

This deck is named for the woman who created it ~ Morgan Robbins ~ but I feel a strong connection with Morgaine Le Fay when I am using the cards. It was the name Morgan that initially drew me to the deck.

These cards are AWESOME! I am really enjoying working with them.
Check at the bottom of this post for a link where you can do your own online reading with Morgan’s cards.

Now on to the reading! Since these cards are still newish to me, I decided to do a simple past, present, future reading and I asked: What does Humanity need to know in this moment?

A handful of cards fell out of the deck while I was shuffling and it was from those that I ultimately picked these four cards.

 In the immediate past, we got “Who is watching ~ The Cosmic Drama.” This is what Morgan says about this card:

Some answers:
(a) You
(b) Me
(c) It hasn’t started yet.
(d) We (the gods such as the Greek gods on Olympus) invented the drama for kicks and then forgot who we were and started believing that it was real.

Like the “Who Am I” and the “What are you feeling now?” cards, this card is a meditative tool for increasing awareness.

For the present, we have Death/Rebirth. This is what Morgan says about this card:

 If you were dead, dreaming you were alive, and if the laws of your death dream were as consistent as those of life,
then perhaps there would be no difference between life and death.

Death and rebirth have many meanings. The number of realms and spaces in both are beyond all reckoning. The Death/Rebirth card might refer to the phenomenon of radical alteration and transportation problems involved in changing realms.

For the immediate future, we received Heavy. This is what Morgan says about this card:

A nonjudgmental judgment on the energy of the events presently occurring.

Alternatively, perhaps the card is indicating that the situation need not be taken so seriously.

Finally, for the fourth card, we got The one… mind is rootless and foundationless. This is what Morgan says about this card:

There are no absolute truths to cling to. No matter how certain of yourself you are, time brings change through experience.

As far as there being an “ultimate reality” behind appearances, even the concept of mind itself is incorrect
in that it implies a reality or form beyond the nature of what is.

All form is ultimately arbitrary and can be pushed in any direction or manner we choose, provided we are aware enough to make a choice.

The source of divine inspiration is not the intellect. In fact, there is no source, but investigation brings us closer to true vision.

Wow. Very interesting. I feel the message for the immediate past is about both drama and awareness. This is going to be different for all seven billion of us, but it’s about the part of our journey that involves increasing our awareness and letting go of the illusion and drama. These experiences happen simultaneously and are synergistic. In other words, the more aware you become, the more the illusion and drama will fall away for you and the easier it is to let go of any attachments and anything that is not real.

We know that this past weekend was huge and there was a lot of drama and clearing in the wonderfully intense energies. Additionally, there were great leaps in awareness. I feel this card describes the immediate past well.

Of course, just like the other three, it is up to you to decide what this card means for you.

For the present ~ Death/Rebirth. Well as soon as I saw that one I said, “Right ON!” Hehehe.

As Morgan says, “The Death/Rebirth card might refer to the phenomenon of radical alteration…”

YES! This is exactly what’s happening right now. Again, coming off of this past weekend? Well, we changed. We expanded. We shifted.

We have been radically altered. Once again, nothing will be the same as we move forward. Currently, we are integrating and exploring our new state of Being.

For the immediate future, we got Heavy. When I saw that card, I was very curious to learn what it means to Morgan. I feel both sentences of her description.

One ~ The energies will be “heavy.” Heavy means different things… a lot of different things. I know what it means to me in this case and I am going to let you ponder what it means to you in this case. As always, though, I encourage you to focus on the positive and remember that energy is all, all is energy and Love is the only thing that is Real.

Two ~ Don’t take things too seriously! Yes! We should never take things too seriously, including ourselves. We should never worry about the future.

Worrying never helped anything in the entire history of Creation, EVER!

I feel this is a good reminder that as long as we have no expectations and stay in the present moment as much as possible, we can more easily feel the joy and serenity we seek.

For the last card, we got The One Mind. I always pull an additional card for my readings in case there is an important message or to see how it ties the other cards together. Really, I don’t know what the fourth card is about until it shows up.

I feel the fourth card is saying that change and growth, especially on this journey, are constant. There are no signposts because we are in new territory. Uncharted and unexplored. What we are moving into is something we are currently co-creating. What we are experiencing now and will experience in the future is all Heart-based. Co-creation starts in and comes from the Heart. Co-nnecting with others is done through the Heart. It’s time to stop looking for answers outside of yourself, using your mind, and understand that moving forward involves opening and living in your Heart.

I like this reading. I would sum it up by saying that the immediate past was about letting go of drama and illusion and increasing our awareness. In the present moment, we are integrating radical change. We are shifting from an Old Self to a New Self. The energies will continue to be intense and it is up to us to decide how we will handle them but nothing should be taken too seriously, especially thoughts of the future.

And, what ties all this together? What is this journey all about right now?
Being in our Hearts and Co-creating. Isn’t that always the best way to go?

More information on the cards and online card reading ~ Morgan’s Tarot

 ♥  ♥  ♥    

No copyright. Shared freely, with Love. Please do the same!
~ Love, Rain

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