Archangel and Ascended Master Messages for June 14, 2014

 When I saw the similarities in these two messages,
I knew I had to share them together!

Very exciting! Very synchronous! Very resonant!
~ Rain


Ascended Master Message for June 14, 2014

Lady Master Lotus
Chohan of the 13th Ray of Higher Growth through Service has this message for you ~

Card Theme: New Beginnings

The symbol of the Lotus is core to many belief systems and has come to represent the flowering of new ideas and ideals as the petals of energy open out to reveal a beautiful bud of closed petals at its centre. As this bud opens, it reveals golden strands of pollen-coated stamens, which are the means of germinating and growing new flowers and the start of something new.

Plants are essential to life. They cleanse the air that you breathe, and flower and seed that you may nourish your body with their goodness. Their petals and leaves absorb the light of the Sun, which feeds them and supports their physical growth, just as the Light of the Great Central Sun supports the Spiritual growth of All.

And so it is with you. You have a central core, a part of you that remains hidden and private, yet that when opened will reveal new seeds of thoughts and truths which are essential to your growth and development and also to the development and growth of those around you. For seeds are not meant to be kept to yourself, but spread around into the new and fertile soil you are now preparing, so there may be a thriving and fruitful range of plants and flowers which all can enjoy and benefit from.

Plants grow and flower with such simple beauty which is freely displayed and given to all, as is their final bounty at harvest time. In their growth and blossoming they fulfill themselves and in their final sacrifice they give the gift of fulfillment to others, that they may live and grow also. And as you learn, grow and disseminate YOUR findings to others that they may grow also, so you will find that your “sacrifice” will ultimately bring that which you seek, with rewards beyond your wildest dreams.

Source: Inner Light-Workers

Bloom 'n' Bud

Archangel Message for June 14, 2014

Card Theme: Balance and Growth
I Am Sandalphon

I am Guardian and Anchor of the Light and Archangel of Intercession.

I give you now a seed, a seed of understanding and knowledge; a seed of positivity and Light that will grow and maintain its connections to the Earth and to God himself. Look deep within you to ascertain and discover its shape and its form, its color and its appearance. For you have been given that which you require to take you forwards and to bring you joy, reassurance and support over the days and months yet to come. Water the seed with your joy. Feed it with your love. Shine upon it the Light from your heart, that it may take root and flourish.

Know too that just as I may measure and judge that which you need to progress, so too do you have the means to do the same. Look within. Find yourself and your consciousness, and see for yourself what it is in life that you have already measured and allocated to yourself, and find what is missing. Do you need more joy, more pleasure, or more time for yourself? Do you need more impetus, focus or determination? Whatever you require, ask me and I will supply the seeds that will bring your garden of Life into balance, and give you the tools that will help you prepare the ground into which they must be placed.

Nature moves to the beat of its own heart. It knows when to rest and when to grow. Beneath the hustle and bustle of daily life it continues, unaffected by man and his petty concerns. Like clockwork the Earth turns. The Sun will rise and set; the moon will wax and wane; the tides will rise and fall; the seasons will come in their turn. And so it is useless to plant a seed in the cold, wet ground of autumn and expect a crop to grow if it needs warmth and sunlight to do so. If the conditions are right, then it will flourish, and do so with relative ease. So too is it with you. Know that everything that you wish to do and that falls in accordance with your Divine Plan will occur with the most ease when the time is right. So plan your crop; prepare your ground and listen to the earth beneath your feet to feel the pulse and rhythm of life, so that you may judge when it is time to rest, time to reap or time to sow.

I would work the soil with you, removing the stones and rocks that would stifle your roots and adding goodness and love to feed all that you do with honesty and truth. I am God’s gardener. I am always with you. I am Sandalphon.

Source: Inner Light-Workers

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