Transformation and Balance: Oracle card reading June 10, 2014


Reports have been coming in all weekend of high and joyful spirits. It is becoming easier and easier for those on the path to stay in the moment of now, becoming more effortless with each passing day. And even if you are not seeing much change in the external world, where business as usual seemingly prevails, it should be apparent in your heart, that we are indeed changing and filling ourselves with more and more light. Love begins at home, so to speak, within our hearts, and from there we radiate it out into the world. Now for the reading:

Our first card tells us that we need to spend as much time as possible in nature. Gaia’s energies are natural balancers for our energetic system, healing and opening blocks. So whether you are a hiker, gardener, or just like lying on the is the time to indulge yourself. It’s always good to be in a state of gratitude when in nature. You never know what messages you may receive from the earth elementals.

The second card is transformation. We are constantly in a state of change and expansion. Let go of all that no longer resonates, cut cords and move into your heart space. Allow suppressed emotions to rise up so you can experience and release them. Remember to bring back in the good stuff like self-love, confidence, playfulness, and happiness. Be like the water and flow, is a good adage to remember, and don’t forget to breathe!

Our third card Is the High-Priestess. We are all Gods and Goddesses with infinite knowledge lying within us. We only need to tap into that, through heart space. We can share that knowledge with others when asked. But mostly we share it by walking our talk, and living as an example of our truth. Let your radiance shine. By raising our own vibration we raise that of those around us.

Wishing you all much happiness and many magical blessings!

Angela (Desert Gypsy)

c) Angela Harris (Desert Gypsy).

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