You Are The Gift!


In every word you speak, there is a message that you transmit out into the world. What vibration do your words carry. Are you speaking of love and truth? Or are you descending into self-deprecation and drama.

Be not afraid to rise to your highest possible aspirations. We are co-creating the new Gaia in every moment that passes. It is time for all beings to stand in their power.

Do not be drawn into the experiences of others, for that is their choice, their experience. Be proud of your own achievements and aspire to even greater levels of grandeur. For it is your own grandeur you are aspiring to. Your own gift of light is rising in frequency in every moment of now. This is your gift to the world. Open this package…for it is you whom you are looking for.

 Your own divine self.

Sending you all many magical Blessings,


c) Angela Harris (Desert Gypsy).
Soaring With Spirit
All rights reserved. Article may be reproduced in its entirety if author and authors website is clearly stated and referenced. This article is in written format and NO permission is granted to change this format. This article must remain free to access at all times.

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