Archangel Message For June 1, 2014

Peace Tree



I am Guardian of the Sacred Heart and Archaeon of Holism. You have the ability and potential within you all to be whatever you want to be. See before you your complete and perfect self. Not just in human form, but as a pure brilliant Being of Light. This is you. Even more so than the “you” that you see when you look in the mirror. So look deeply within yourself.

Do not be afraid to see what is there. For all are made up of aspects which they perceive as “bad” or “good.” But all aspects provide lessons from which you may learn about who you are, about where you are going and about what you may become. So call on me and do not be afraid to examine the shadowy aspects of yourself ~ your thoughts, feelings emotions, and events and incidents that have made you what you are today. Dust them off and bring them out into the Light. Ask me to show you what you need to learn from these things, if this is not clear to you and then ask for my help in transforming them into the Light.

The same is true of illnesses or long-standing conditions that you have, or health matters that have been bothering your more recently. Healing is active, not passive. It is not some thing that you receive from another person, with no participation by the Self. It is something that you need to be proactive in, because becoming “whole” requires conscious change to be madeand this has to be made willingly and through understanding.

So what is the root cause of your condition? At what point did you stray from the path of perfection? What have you learnt or do you now see that may have caused these things to manifest in your life? And is it now time to resolve them ~ transform them ~ so that they no longer burden you or hold you back? That is what part of my role in healing is to do with ~ that of facilitating change. Helping people to see, recognize and understand the energy patterns they hold within themselvees that perhaps prevent them from becoming whole (or healed) and returning to their original state of perfection.

Above all, learn to love and accept yourself ~ ALL of yourself. For if you cannot do this for your Self, you cannot truly do this for others either. If you don’t have faith in yourself, where is your foundation? If you don’t have respect for yourself, how can you respect others? If you do not have love for yourself, how can you love others? If you do not heal yourself, how can you heal others? And you have to have faith that you are Divine in order to manifest your Divinity. Call on me for help in this also and I shall be there.

Source: Inner Light-Workers

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