Need a little more joy?


Need a little more joy in your life. Seriously, who doesn’t? A good way to get some is to try experiencing life as a little child. Children lack the programming adults have been subject too. Their eyes and hearts are wide open. Everything is brand new! How to do this? Focus on the little details around you, such as the petals of a flower, the joy at receiving, the way mechanical things work. Doing this will also bring you into the moment, helping you to put worries and responsibilities on the back burner.

How about marveling at receiving change?….You gave the cashier one bill, she gives you back several…Wow..This used to excite my son endlessly when he was little. Just allow yourself to light up a little at the concept. It also helps you to feel abundant.

Hear a song that really resonates with you in a restaurant or store? How about letting yourself dance a few steps or sing a few notes in wild abandon. We often see small children do this and I knew a retired gentleman that was always in song. A delightful person. Above all, don’t worry about what others think. You have no control over that. Just be in joy yourself.

If you have a good day or receive a gift or compliment, allow yourself to fully experience that energy, perhaps you might exclaim, “This is the best day ever.” Or “Thank you! This is the best gift ever!”

Can you feel your vibration already increasing just by thinking of it. Try this for a few days, see if you find you have more JOY in your life. By raising our own vibration we raise the vibration of others, who in turn, share that with others…..In this way, even one person, can be the change we are here to be.

Morning affirmation

Thank you creator,

Thank you Gaia,

Thank you Universe,

This is the best day of my life!

Namaste and Blessings,

Desert Gypsy

c) Angela Harris (Desert Gypsy).

Soaring With Spirit

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