Burning Through Unconsciousness


Originally posted in The Galactic Free Press – 1/27/2013

In my dream last night, I was caring for a group of people whom I know in this life; but no doubt, they were merely representing the old or past energies in my life. However, I felt weary of caring for them. So I told them I was leaving. Upon hearing this, some seemed clingy while others scarcely noticed what I had said.

 I decided to prepare a delicious meal for them, to thank them for being in my life. I knew they would be OK without me, and so I said a quiet goodbye. Then I turned and walked through a doorway into the light of freedom! I have no idea where my new journey will take me, as I skip down this path, but It feels wonderful!

This morning I walked outside, the sun was shining brightly. I leaned against my pine tree, and it seemed to envelop me in a soft hug as I connected with the energies. Feeling tingles of golden light I asked for my message for this day. Mother Gaia came through very clearly and said, “ Welcome home…Thank you for coming.” To this I replied happily, “Thank you for holding space for me!” Such joy…there are no words for this!

Can you see Mother Gaia radiating light to you? Can you see all the universe holding space for you? Can you see me..reaching out to you? Leave all your cares behind and come with us! What a ride!


(c) Angela Harris (Desert Gypsy), all rights reserved

Soaring With Spirit

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