Happy Thursday With Love From Team Awesome!

The Bridge to Freedom Crew (AKA Team Awesome)
wishes you a Happy Thursday!

Enjoy this most amazing time!
Count your Blessings and Shine your LIGHTS!

eddie violet 1

Violet Eddie

kai noahc

Noah and Kai

posted may 4 01

Suzannah, Bernadette, Rain, Meg

posted may 7 03

Eddie, Micah, Coco, Rain, Amanda

posted may 18 01

Belinda, Rain, Michelle, Peggy

posted may 18 03

Rain, Michelle, Tyler

posted may 16 01

Rain and Rhonda

posted april 8 03

Michelle, Rain, Angus Puppy, Rhonda, Amanda, Desert Gypsy

posted Debbie


~ With Love From Team Awesome ~

We Are Huemanity United ~ Unconditionally
One for All and All for One
Communication is Key
Unity Consciousness Rocks
Love is the answer to Everything
Choose Love ~  Be Love
The Kingdom of Heaven is Within
Trust Yourself
Follow your Heart
Go with the Flow


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