Happy Divine Feminine Day!

mom 1b

Happy Mother’s Day!

It’s Mother’s Day here in the U.S. It’s interesting that this is a relatively young holiday, celebrated for the first time in 1908 (Wikipedia.org).

I love holidays like this one because they generate so much wonderful energy amongst us Human Beings. What could be better than to reflect on how amazing the women in our lives are and to honor their brilliance? Surely Earth is shining like the bright star that she is today with all the Love we are feeling for so many wonderful women.

This holiday means even more these days, now that the Divine Feminine has been welcomed, honored, and grounded so firmly here on Gaia. We all represent the Divine Feminine, including the men here with us. We are all Mother God because we are all One. All of us can embody the Divine Feminine, the energy of which is needed so much to carry us forward in our ascension process.

I’m also feeling that even more than the Divine Feminine, today is a celebration of Huemanity achieving a lot of balance in their masculine and feminine energies. And, as Huemanity goes, so goes the rest of the planet!

So cheers to all of us and to balancing the Divine Feminine with the Divine Masculine and sending out that balance on the grid. Let us all embody the balanced energies of Creation, ground them firmly, and embody them wherever we are so that all can embrace them. Let us celebrate Balance and Unity today.

I love my Earth Mom, I love all of you Earth Moms, and I love the men who embody the Divine Feminine! That is all of you!

And I honor you all. Much Love, Respect, and Gratitude to all of you.

~ namaste

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