Archangel Message For May 9, 2014

may 27 09b

Card Theme: OPEN your HEART


I am Rainbow Aurora, The Lady Grace, twin flame and Unified Aspect of Uriel.

Being in a state of Grace is one of being in the flow ~ open and receptive to Divine Will. It is being ready to receive God’s blessings and His messages, to allow Him to direct your steps through your Higher Self, by remaining open-minded and flexible. It is also a state of acceptance. Of acceptance of the things that you cannot change ~ in those around you, who perhaps have their own lessons to learn, or in situations or circumstances that affect you in your day to day life.

Being in Grace is also having patience, faith and trust to know that, if and when the time is right and when it is appropriate, things can change if you Will them to be so and if it is in accordance with the Divine Plan. You may see that it is a fine line that you have to tread between being patient, trusting and waiting and in knowing when to take positive action to create the changes that you wish to see in your life.

Know that there is always much help and support, both seen and unseen, surrounding you at all times. On your Earth Mother you are never alone. If you listen carefully you can sense the pulse of her rhythms and the beating of her heart, for she is a living evolving, sentient being ~ just as you, just as I. So expand your awareness and reach out with your heart and your mind to the energies that surround you. Seek help and support in places where perhaps you had not considered looking for it before. Look perhaps for messages in nature ~ from the birds, insects and plants and in the movements of the clouds through the sky. Connect with your Earth Mother and ask for her help and support. Sit with a tree and ask respectfully for its advice. Talk with the Beings in your garden and ask them for theirs. Pick up and spend time with minerals or crystals, which so patiently wait for you to interact with them.

I can help you link in to the planet and bring you to a State of Grace where you are open and receptive to Divine Inspiration. Then I can help you embellish what you choose to create with beauty (for all creativity is art) so conveying feelings and emotions to the beholder. So create in harmony; create in love; create in beauty; create in peace, and I shall be by your side.

Source: Inner Light-Workers


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