Embracing True Joy

    I’ve been on a path as long as I can remember, always seeking happiness — always on the cusp of embracing true joy

     There have been many roadblocks on this path.  However, I have come to realize, the the largest and most seemingly-insurmountable of these blocks have all been crafted by me.

     Many times I have placed the allowance of joy I experience in the hands of others.  “If only he/she will accept me and love me, then I will experience joy”… so I thought.  Or, if I mold myself into a fashion that is pleasing to others, then I will experience true joy.

     The worst culprit, however, has always been myself.  For even when others have truly loved and accepted me, I have still fallen short of the image I have chiseled-out for myself.  It is an image that is unrealistic, and over time, I have realized, quite dull in comparison to my true self… 

            …  and then comes self love and acceptance… FINALLY!

    I have done it.  I have realized that I am worthy of love, especially self-love, not in spite of my perceived flaws — but because these irregularities are an integral part of who I am.  My self worth, and yours as the reader, is not contingent upon how well we fit into a mold. 

     When we allow ourselves to shine with love and grace, we break the molds, and step into the true JOY that is living, and loving, and experiencing the beauty of now.

     I am worthy.  I am.  …and so are you.


    ~~~~ Amanda Image

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