A Message From Lady Venusea


Ascended Master Lady Venusea is twin flame to The Master Paul, the current Chohan of the Fourth Ray, the ray of harmony and balance, and the purity of the Godhead. Venusea is extremely centered and focused. Even in the midst of chaos she is like the “eye of the storm”. She has an immense capacity for stillness and calm, and the properties of sound as a vibration for holding and transmitting this balance is very important to her. She can tone a wide range and intensities of notes, which are always very clear and pure, and these tones may be used for clearing, healing and balancing. The sounds may also be passed into or through quartz crystals, which are held to the lips as tones are formed. The crystals may be used either to amplify the sounds or store and incorporate their vibration. The breath – how we breathe and how we use it -including its depth and rhythm – is, she indicates, very important to our clarity and well-being! As an avid yoga practitioner, I strongly resonate with Lady Venusea and her message:

“Be still and listen. The sound of my presence is subtle, the sounds soft and perhaps hard to hear – yet if you empty your mind of all superfluous noise and chatter, you will hear me. It may be as a single note; it may be as a melody or simple rhythm that plays through your mind. I am as the whisper of snow falling upon the ground; the passage of the wind through the leaves on the willow; the gentle play of waves falling upon a remote shore; the murmur of flames in the hearth. Slow your breath and allow your lungs to fill completely with each in-breath you take, and empty as you release that breath, allowing your body to relax. Clear your body, and clear your mind, allowing all tension to fade from you. Be calm and know that what you seek you will find with more ease when you are in this state, balanced and at peace with yourself and with your world.”

During my recent yoga classes, I have been connecting with the essence of Lady Venusea, which helps me delve deeper into my practice on all levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Consequently, my vibration when I leave the room is much higher than it was going in. And that’s what I take out into the world to share with humanity! Try it if you like!

All my love,


Source: http://www.innerlightworkers.co.uk/ascendedmasters/mastersmep.htm


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