April Showers Bring May Flowers

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April. WOW. Holy crappus. Intense. Magical. Amazing. Synchronous. Miraculous.

Also exhausting. LOL

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As fabtistiboo as April was, I am glad it’s over. Grateful for the experiences and grateful to move on. I know a lot of you feel the same way. April was a challenging month; rewarding but tiring. If you felt like you were on a roller coaster or a merry-go-round, the good news is that you can step off now.

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Even better? It’s time to bloom. Blossom. Leap in the quantum way. Take charge of the situation. Get grounded, centered, and focused because you and only you are in charge of what happens for you next. And if you and your Heart are open, if your intentions are pure, and if you are staying balanced, you are in for another amazing ride ~ one that will feel more enjoyable and less taxing. You are creating your own guideposts so decide where you want to go and that is where you will end up.

You know the drill. Be Love. Focus on your own spiritual development. Ask for assistance from The Sky Crew AND The Ground Crew. We are One, so if you are having issues or doubts or questions, you can bet that others are as well. Communication is key in Unity Consciousness so reach out and talk to each other.

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The Bridge to Freedom is us ~ us Huemans and our collective consciousness. We hold each other up and we are holding space for seven billion. Join us.

Happy Quantum May!

~ Love, Rain

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