The Beauty of Personal Integration

Here we are in the prime of life.

This Moment,eternal,ever expanding…for all to experience.

For all to Experience the love they are, the love they always have been and forever will be with no limits and fear…just joy,peace,understanding.

We,being the co-creators and beautiful family we are,in love and light, are all so uniquely beautiful. I tell people all the time “if everyone looked,thought,and acted just like you…this universe would be a pretty boring place” And the same goes for if everyone were to look, act and think like me.

All of our lovely ways of being and expressing not only show you whats unique about others but also the undeniably beauty within yourself. Embrace the flame of your I AM presence and allow it to dance before your lovely heart. Know that each moment allows you to expand ever more into the lovely beautiful being you are now and forever.

Where does your heart lead you?
What does it feel like in the stillness of yourself?

Trust the love you are. Be at Peace. You are strong.

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