Love, Fear, and Ego ~ Be, Let Go, and Fuhgeddaboudit

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The other day I was talking with The Bridge to Freedom Crew (shout out to TEAM AWESOME!) on Facebook and this is what I said ~

“Telling other people that they’re in ego is bullshit. It’s not Love, anyway. We are not here to tell other people what their problems are because everybody is on their own journey and learning things they chose to learn. If they don’t ask for assistance, just love them from a distance.”

I copied and saved that because, as Suzannah pointed out, I made a rhyme. And I like that. Rhyming.

But, I also saved it because I’ve been meaning to say something about ego. Or several things, actually.

Most people can’t agree on what ego means but I guess we have a general understanding that it is the mask we start creating from the moment we are born into the illusion. It’s a way we protect ourselves ~ creating a mask of walls and defenses to keep our distance from people and things that might hurt us. It’s the thing we start shedding as we begin to reach higher levels of consciousness. If our “ego” does not dissolve, we can’t become enlightened because anything that is not Real (anything that is not Love) will hold us back and keep us in the lower vibrations.

However, most, if not all, ego issues come from fear. Therefore, I feel it makes more sense and is more compassionate to talk about what fears drive us to act the way we do rather than to focus on the concept of ego. We should look for the root causes of our issues and not blame everything on the “ego”. The “ego” is really the middleman ~ it creates a response to fear. Fear is what we really want to examine. And letting go of fear is what we want to do.

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Also, when we decide to focus on ego, it very often leads to judgment. Going around pointing out that other people are in ego is not Love. It’s judgment and it distracts us from what we should really be focusing on ~ our own spiritual development. That old saying is true ~ when you point your finger at other people, there are three fingers pointing back at yourself. Often, when we accuse other people of being in ego and point out their ego issues, we are really talking about ourselves. We are mirrors for one another, after all. Doesn’t it make more sense to stop pointing fingers and just focus on ourselves?

I was involved with a group that focused on ego a lot for a long time. And although it was helpful in some ways, it was also unkind, judgmental, and ultimately created many more problems than it solved. It led to judgment and created just as many defenses as it dissolved. It prevented people from being themselves and from being in Unity. It created fears of being judged and criticized. It created separation. It turned into a means of control and as far as I could tell, it did not create any Joy but it did create a lot of discomfort and anxiety. And ultimately, it dissolved. The group that was created around that concept of fighting the ego fell apart. Not surprising, is it?

Love Mirror 1b

I decided some time ago that, for me, rather than worrying about my ego or anybody else’s ego, I would prefer to ask myself this question: Am I Being Love in every moment? Because, when you are Being Love, there is no ego. Because there is no fear.

Letting go of fear and Being Love will ultimately bring us into Balance. Focusing on ego in ourselves and others can actually make it harder for us to achieve Balance because, again, ego is like a quagmire of a middleman. Stepping into the ego pond can be like stepping into quicksand because it’s a nebulous concept that can be a never~ending source of speculation, questions, judgment, and blame.

It always comes back to basics and it’s really so simple ~ Just Be Love. Focus on yourself and what you are doing, let go of fear, and let other people deal with the experiences they have chosen to have. And just… Be Love.

Love yourselves the way I Love You ~ Unconditionally.

~ Rain

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