Chaos Unfurling to Bliss

Often we are surrounded amid changes in season and time…

               pinned to the wall by circumstance…

                without any reason or rhyme

Our heads stir with thoughts and confusion…

             Our inner-peace rocks to and fro…

             But this chaos is just and illusion…

             and into our hearts we must go.

Our hearts, now, they soar like an eagle…

             above all the sorrow and pain.

             A bird on the wind high above it…

            which merely observes all the rain.

And now that our storm has passed by us,

           we are left with a bliss all anew.

           Glistening like drops on a flower,

           or the sun sparkling over the dew.

And we, ourselves, bloom like a flower.

          Unfurling each petal with care.

          Allowing the sun to warm us…

          the moisture still filling the air.

For more storms may come to shake us,

          to rattle and put us askew

          But WE know that love is unfailing,

         and connects us all — me and you.

And now we all are together,

       and now we know we can rise

       above life’s storms and trials

       not matter the strength or the size

Bliss now is all that encompasses

      it falls like the droplets of rain

      it blows in the breeze  and shines like the sun,

      and our flowers forever remain.


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