It’s My Awakening Birthday!

I’ve been kind of quiet the past few days, busy working and thinking about my Awakening Birthday. Anniversaries are great occasions to reflect on where we are and how our lives have changed.

It was two years ago tonight that I had my first real awakening. Well, “Awakening” is a big word that means different things to different people and true Awakening is not something that happens in one moment. My Awakening experience two years was something that occurred after many moments; in fact, now that I have had a chance to look back at my life experiences before then, I can see that I was always on this journey and always working for the Light, even though I had no idea that’s what I was doing.

Two years ago, after several weeks of interesting experiences and knowing that things were changing and knowing that something was about to happen for me, I was lying in bed at night when all of a sudden I had some major, life-changing, mind-blowing epiphanies.

One ~ that I really do have a soul. That was huge for me. Although everybody always laughs when I say this, I will say it again: it was a lot like Spike’s final scene in “Chosen,” the Buffy the Vampire Slayer series finale. Check it out.

Spike: I can feel it, Buffy.
Buffy: What?
Spike: My soul. It’s really there.

(Note that Spike then adds, “Kinda stings.”  For some reason the vid maker cut that out of this video. Too bad…)

Epiphany Two ~ I am an eternal, multi-dimensional Being. That was a very interesting concept to me and I admit it had me a bit concerned because I wasn’t sure at the time what it meant about my “past” or “future.” I felt uncertain about who I was and what my history was and I was concerned about what I might be expected to do now that I had “Awakened.” It opened a lot of doors at once and it was a bit overwhelming.

Epiphany Three ~ I am surrounded by countless Beings who love me unconditionally. I could see some of their faces very clearly that night, in a circle above my head. I don’t really know who they were… my guides? Angels? Loved Ones? All of the above, I guess. It doesn’t matter who they were because in Reality, we are all One and we all love each other unconditionally.

I remember asking, “Are those all the people who love me?”

And I saw them nodding their heads and saying yes.

That was huge for me and I am crying now just thinking about it. Wow.

butterfly 1b

Image Source

Epiphany Four ~ There is nothing to be afraid of, ever. Yes, I had some questions and doubts but honestly, I understood on a deep level that there was nothing to be afraid of ever again. I mean, I would never die and all the silly things that we fear in the illusion aren’t even Real! Wow, that was so liberating I will never forget that moment. Actually, I wept so hard as so many fears rushed out of me that I had to get up, out of bed, so I would not choke on my own snot. LOL it might sound gross but that’s what it was. Of course, I was laughing at the same time because I was so happy. I think I cried for about two weeks as more and more fear left my Being.

What a blessing. I can’t believe I used to walk around consumed by so many fears and anxieties. And I had no idea that I was being consumed because I was used to “living” that way. Now I can’t even imagine being like that or living that way; it’s just inconceivable to me. I truly am a different Being now.

Well, there’s so much more to say but some of it I could never expound on because there are no words. And I know that a lot of you feel what I am saying. I hope that sharing this has made you remember your Awakenings with joy and fondness.

Of course, many amazing, fabtastical, and miraculous things have happened to me since that night two years ago but those are stories for another time. Today is for cherishing a beautiful memory. And we always get to keep those.

 cherish 2b

Image Source

Cherish Every Memory
Love Every Moment
Embrace Every Possibility

~Love, Rain


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