Self Care in the New Energies

butterfly and earth in lotus flower

This morning I am guided by the angels to write a brief article on healthy well-being. Many are reporting various ailments in the new energies that may be ascension related…Perhaps, we may wish to call these growing pains or ascending pains (smile). It is important to honor the needs of your body during these times of multi-dimensional expansion. When you feel tired, rest. When you have energy..well, enjoy it!

Gone are the 3D ways of caring for our bodies. Working out in the gym or participating in intense exercise does not resonate in the new earth. Such activities reinforce 3D by cutting one off from nature and promoting competitive behavior.

Walking in nature where you can absorb and ground in the earth energies is greatly appreciated by our physical bodies. Dancing and allowing yourself to express natural rhythm has many benefits for body and soul. Also, gentle stretching and yoga promote flexibility and well being.

As we integrate the new energies, tiredness often occurs, telling us to step off the treadmill and allow ourselves to heal and grow. Many herbs and natural remedies can assist us during these times.

Astragalus, Ginseng, Ashwagandha, and Ginkgo can assist the body in balancing and energizing. Always muscle test herbs to see what your body needs. A simple method to do this, and one I have used for years, is to hold the herb in one hand and ask, “Do I need this?” If the answer is yes, I feel a surge of energy. If the answer is no, I usually feel as if the energy is being pulled out of me. It’s always a very defined feeling.

As for diet, I recommend staying away from dead foods, such as processed food. Prepare your own food from living things: plant or animal. Always bless, energize, and give thanks. What you eat is what you are after all!

Also, remember to love yourself and give thanks to your physical body. It is an amazing vehicle for your soul, carrying out thousands of bio-chemical processes everyday. A true miracle that is yours to experience this most prestigious lifetime here on planet Earth.

Wishing you every blessings and abundance in all things,

Desert Gypsy

I always recommend seeing a physician if you are so guided. This article is not intended as a replacement for medical treatment.

(c) Angela Harris (Desert Gypsy), All rights reserved. Article may be reproduced in its entirety if author and authors website is clearly stated and referenced. This article is in written format and NO permission is granted to change this format. This article must remain free to access at all times.

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