Ascended Master Message For April 19, 2014

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The Great Divine Director ~ Cosmic Master and Twin Flame of Lady Majoirae has these words for you:

Card Theme: Stand Fast ~ Be Calm

I come, bearing the Cosmic Rays of Harmony, Truth and Grace to tell you this now: YOU are a bringer and herald of the New Dawn, forerunner with the Indigo, Crystal and Diamond children of the world of harmony and balance still to come. An apprentice worker for the Forces of Light.

I ask you to be as a Great Light to others. To allow your own Light to shine with a brightness never before seen by those within your sphere of influence. And to keep an aura of Divine Peace around you that will calm and soothe all within your field as you pass, leaving serenity and acceptance in your wake.

May your heart remain strong and steadfast, with your eyes directed above the chaos to see the Light and Joy beyond. Be like a rock, steadfast and deep-rooted within the turbulence of a river in spate. Know too that you are never alone and that you may call upon the Angels and Masters to support you in times of turmoil; times of doubt and they will come.

Be always sure and certain in your own Faith; in your own Truth and all will be well.

Source: Inner Light-Workers

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