Ego, Ego and Ego.


The concept of ego is very spread amongst the “spiritual community”,it is one of those very discussed subjects that has been very misunderstood/misperceived and I am pretty sure everybody has heard about it, so I don’t think I should even go into describing “it”, but it’s basically everything that people perceive as “negative” within themselves and others, the “issues” , you might have heard it as “Programming/Human Logical Mind”.(Just so I won’t be misunderstood, I’m not criticizing anybody, I’m just sharing my own understanding on the topic).

 Whilst Yes, we do have to Let Go of the Old, that which doesn’t serve Our (and inevitably the All) Highest Good,  Dysfunctional Belief Systems, basically all that stuff that Lowers our vibrations like Fear and so on, letting go of the concept of “Ego” is big part of it(since clearly doesn’t serve no one’s highest good, and it’s an unnecessary baggage) and I’m going to explain why.

        I, personally, have been imprisoned in the concept of Ego for quite a while, but as the Crappy Systems Breaker that I am (and many others are)I managed to Break FREE from it. Not to victimize myself, No one really is a victim, and everything truly happens for  a reason, which you will discover sooner or later. I’m not going to go into the whole story since it’s boring and long and complex and no one really cares LOL, however I am going to share the lessons I’ve learned from it, since I feel it’s such a big bump in Humanity’s Awakening Process, and many lightworkers “picked it up”.

   First of all: Ego it’s not real. As Simple as that. But read again: EGO IT’S NOT REAL. It’s not. From the Information I received and from my own experience, it is just another crappy belief system that was probably created by the Cabal or some seriously misguided person,with not a very beneficial purpose just like religion, for example, but this one is going around especially amongst lightworkers, which is, again, fine on some level, cause we’re All growing individually and collectively as well, but at some point we have to get unstuck and move on to the next level, and so on.  The concept came from Psychology, and it means different stuff, than what it means in Spiritual terms.  I actually have no idea how that concept sneaked amongst Lightworkers, and I don’t want to go into conspiracy theories, cause it’s just not my thing, but oh well: Score “Cabal”! LOL

   A thing the Ego Belief System(as all other crappy belief systems do) is put you in cages, limiting your Potential as a Beautiful Co-Creator/Human Angel IN Love, True Equality and IN the Oneness Energies, by making you Doubt yourself, instead of Trusting Yourself. You’re in Ego if you do this, you’re in Ego if you do that, breathing a certain way will soon become egotistical. LOL (again, no conspiracy theory here but good job, “Cabal”).  Humanity remembering how Powerful they are as One In Love(which is happening already, and it can’t be stopped)it’s going to get even more intense for the “Cabal”, not pretty.  I am holding a lot of Compassion for them, and sending them Love.

   Another thing Ego does is making you fight with Yourself.  You’re starting to feel like there’s always something wrong with you, there’s always an issue, and you start over-thinking Why you’re like that, why this why that,you start feeling lost and constantly struggling to maintain a “certain pattern”, hiding your Light and so on. We All know the worst fight is the one with yourself, not fun, over-thinking, not cool either.BE YOURSELF always. WE ARE WHO WE ARE, AS ALL JUST IS. Each and every single one of Us is Beautiful in our own Uniqueness. Instead of fighting with yourself all the time, try LOVING Yourself and each and every single atom of your Being, as each and every single atom is Made of Love, even if you’re aware or unaware of that. Yes, we’ve been “influenced” for quite a while now, a few thousand years actually, LOL by low vibrational thoughts and emotions, illusion after illusion, VEIL/EVIL and all that crap. Now the Planet holds 5D frequencies, and inevitably it affects every other atom on it and beyond(On a looot of levels). There’s a lot of transformation going on into Peace~full and more Joy~Full Ways of Living; So Let go, Let go, Let go. Each and every single One of Us is a powerful energy alchemist, and there’s a lot of tools available as well. Ex: Violet Flame. Anyways, the whole point is: As long as you’re Being Love,Your Intentions are Pure and remain so, there’s no “Ego”(Or what some people perceive Ego to be 😉 )

And No, the Mind is not the programming. It’s a great tool,but as with every other tool,  it’s up to the Individual how he uses it. However, the Ego thing fucks with your Mind LOL. It’s all about judging yourself and other’s actions and ways of being instead of Accepting and Loving Everyone Unconditionally. Think about it. Think for Yourself, and try developing a good discernment while reading Spiritual stuff, especially when there’s so much confusion going on. Keep it simple, and don’t fall for a certain “pattern”.

Freedom starts from Within, The Kingdom of Heaven is Within. So Free Yourself from the Old-Paradigm crap, including all the ego babble. It is liberating. Be the Light-Bearer we are All meant to be.Focus on Love, Compassion, Kindness, Unity, Peace and that is what you will Co-Create.Focus on the bullshit and you’ll only get more. LOL That simple.

Love, Eddie

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