The moon is Bright!

planet abstract magical

I found this old poem of mine, it seems to connect with what we just all experienced!! The moon speaks loudly and we have the amazing privelidge of its glorious energy and its overflowing of love in action every moment it shows itself to us..So grateful for its balance it brings and for the love of Gaia it so illuminates for us.

The moon is bright
And filled with question.
What will become of me
If I don’t care?
As the wind blows
And clouds move across
He looks as if he wants to speak:
It’ll be ok, don’t fret–
I shine bright for you
And you will see the light–
Go beyond that light
And follow your heart–
Never doubt
What feels right inside–
It will never
Let you down.


Love, Light, Laughter Always! 💜

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