~ Quick Eclipse Message ~


On this Powerful Energetic Event We highly recommend drinking lots of water, as it helps with the flow of energy within. As the Eclipse happens in the Aries governed by Fire, you might experience Some Deep Purification/Transformation, so surrendering to this Love Energy Whammy is the best idea. Keep letting go of everything that doesn’t serve Yours and the All’s Highest Good. Know You are a powerful Co-Creator, so keep your Intentions Pure as these Energies amplify our Manifestation Abilities in LOVE, Unity and Peace. Embrace the in-coming Waves and Enjoy the Miracles-Abundant Ride. You might get new New Ideas, Discover more of Your Abilities, Receive More Messages, Signs and Synchronicity that places you on Your Path.Get together with the others and start sharing, communicate more, express Yourself, as you are a Unique Spark of Light and when added to a Unified Field of Love, the Magic, the Opportunities and Miracles Over-flow.

 Fire is also about Passion, and that means different things for everybody. These Energies support You in discovering/following Your Passions, and whatever fills Your Being with Joy, but it’s up to you if you Choose and have the Courage to follow them,You have Freewill. There’s always a way and that way presents itself to you naturally as you’re following Your Inner Guidance and Intuition. Trust it. Trust Yourself First.

Love, Eddie 

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