Overcoming Challenges and Obstacles

ImageMany of Us are experiencing a lot of transformation at the moment. As We’re All reaching Higher States of Being, the Old and Out-Dated have to be transformed into the Light, and usually that comes with challenges and obstacles that we are more than capable of overcoming, and with a Smile on Our faces.

Usually, it is just a matter of How you perceive the situation, How you cope with it and Learning to Master it.  We’re All Masters, don’t let the situation master you, master the situation by Mastering Yourself.

Challenges come in order  to teach Us something, and every situation is different and unique for everybody. Don’t take it for granted and  be grateful for the lessons it provides you with, we’re constantly Learning/ Discovering Who We are.All  you have to do is to listen to Your Heart and Intuition, because no one, can give you the answers and information you seek better than your Heart. It’s All Within, and You have to learn to Trust Your Heart/Yourself, instead of some guru babble.

Let’s say you’re having a challenge in a relationship. GO WITHIN. Take a moment and Ask Yourself. Why is that happening in the first place ?! Did I do something unconsciously ?! Did that person do something unconsciously to me ?! You don’t like the way a person treated you ?! In either cases: FORGIVE yourself, forgive that person. Why even carry these unnecessary and unhealthy burdens and grudges with you?! If it’s a matter of miscommunication,speak from the Heart and learn to EXPRESS Yourself. Clear your Throat Chakra, there are many ways you can do that. Google it LOL. There are many methods, find Yours and what works for You. Are you reacting to what that person says or does to you?! Ask yourself why did you react instead of RESPONDING, observe yourself and figure out where the “issue” is. If it’s a matter of abuse and violence, Love Yourself and Walk Away. You are WORTHY of All the Love, Respect and Kindness there is. Give that to Yourself first. No one deserves to be treated that way and the issue’s obviously on them and don’t  even try to find excuses for their poor behavior or find reasons to stay in that place.EVER. If it happened once it will happen again. Forgive, Let go, and Move On.

Relationships are very important in our lives, but the most important one is the one you have with Yourself.

Some of Us may be experiencing challenges with financial issues, having to move to another place, delays, things not happening as we expected them to, changing workplace, not having a workplace and so on. Here is a matter of perception and again different situations for everyone. (11:11 Uuuh Wakey Wakey LOL) Anyways, while some of these situations truly are obstacles that we have to overcome, and in that case just Ask for assistance from the Angels, Star Family,Ascended Masters and whoever you are more comfortable with, as they are always there for You, waiting for your Call, get your Magic crackalating and start tearing those obstacles down.

  But mostly, (from my own personal experience) these challenges are blessings in disguise and they are there to put us on the “right” track. Our Higher Selves knows what’s for the highest good and highest outcome of Us, and everything truly happens for a reason. Make sure you follow the synchronistic events, signs and messages and expect miracles.  You are a powerful being of Light and Love and capable of overcoming anything.


Love, Eddie.


2 thoughts on “Overcoming Challenges and Obstacles”

  1. Thank you for your message, and yes I am following. blessings to you!, and Thank you SO much and greetings… 🙂

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