Driving Force


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You say there’s a force driving you;

Now you’re focused, know what to do.

What is this force, an unseen hand?

Pushing you to fulfill some plan?

No, it’s just your inner voice,

Telling you how to make a choice.

I know it’s coming from within,

Showing you the way again.

You don’t need any source outside

To lead the way ~ don’t need a ride

Or a lift from passing strangers

To help you navigate the dangers

Lying off your chosen path,

Tempting you to veer off track.

You’ve always found your own way,

Known when to go, when to stay;

Known what was false and what was true…

You have always known what to do.

I’m going to repeat the comment I made the last time I blogged a poem like this ~

I read this last night for the first time since 1994, which is when I wrote it. It kind of blew me away because I knew nothing ~ consciously ~ about our Ascension Process or being a Lightworker at the time. Anyway, only one other person has ever seen this poem, until now! I hope you enjoy it.
~ Love, Rain.

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